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Example sentences for exceeding

On the other hand, the surface is opaque to elementary particles having energies exceeding a certain threshold.
Corrosion and excess friction create demands exceeding sustainability in needless rapid transit when data can do it for free.
Adiabatic storage has energy density matching or exceeding lithium ion batteries.
There goes those dog-gone teenagers again exceeding the speed limit.
So it would not surprise me at all to find one day that were found exceeding the speed of light phenomena.
Its funding position is excellent with deposits exceeding loans, reducing its dependence on wholesale markets.
Debt crisis is due to expenditure exceeding revenue.
But this slowdown should partly be welcomed, because the economy had been exceeding its speed limit for several years.
Those exceeding the data ceiling would be charged accordingly.
But there are no penalties for exceeding these intermediate targets.
They'd likely say exceeding the cap was worth the money.
Opposition lawmakers protested that parliament was exceeding its powers.
Problem is that recently that agenda has shifted towards higher wages and benefits, exceeding that of other comparable labor.
Another more-evolved concern surrounds the common science-fiction theme of robot intelligence exceeding human intelligence.
But in one thing doubtless they go exceeding far beyond us.
To say more would be to risk exceeding the length of the article itself.
When expectations are lower, matching them is easier and exceeding them is possible.
Shelf life expectancy is tens of years, far exceeding any other energy storage system currently known.
The winners here are those who often attempted to make unnecessary purchases exceeding their account balance.
And with the cost of treatment courses exceeding tens of thousands of pounds, that is looking unlikely.
We always had a plan for profitability and the company was exceeding its goals.

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