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The cell has a set number of minutes which I rarely exceed.
Though there are both winners and losers, the winners' gains exceed the losers' losses.
Sometime early in the next century, the intelligence of machines will exceed that of humans.
In testing cables to assure they have not exceeded resistance limits, the most accurate way is with an ohmmeter.
Don't pay late or exceed the credit limit, or you could be socked with a hefty fee of up to $39 each time.
When demand exceeds supply, inflation rises.
In some cases, costs exceed the damages awarded.
These diets help us live longer lives, but no one can exceed the maximum human life span of 120 years.
The real problem arises when the rewards extracted vastly exceed the value created.
One might expect burger inflation to exceed overall inflation because food prices have risen faster than other prices.
Unlimited plans comfort subscribers who fear sudden gushes of overage fees when they exceed metered text plans.
Unemployment may soon exceed that if the latest figures are anything to go by.
They suit those with lowish incomes and big families: for them, the state's contribution may exceed their own.
In the future, if his base salary and bonuses exceed the guaranteed amount, he will receive only the base salary and the bonuses.
There are exceptions, however, that permit teams to exceed that number.
The number of bacterial cells may exceed the number of human cells our body.
People will often exceed the limits of their ability for the camera.
The world's largest reptiles, leatherbacks can exceed seven feet in length and a ton in weight.
The wine list is superlative, and while many bottles exceed ponderable prices, there are a number of deals to be had.
It's an ancient profession whose costs always exceed expectations and whose pleasures invariably disappoint.
We could then run our flashlight over cave paintings of males whose members seem to exceed the length of their legs.
Dieters can eat whatever they want as long as they don't exceed their allotted daily points.
If losses exceed that first loss piece, then the government would cover the remainder.
Moreover, he cannot be certain that the job he might get would provide benefits that exceed the costs.
But as the structural deficit begins to exceed the rate at which the economy is growing, you rapidly start to run into trouble.
One example of this comes with overlimit fees, big penalties paid by debit card users when they exceed their available balance.
There must be some people out there whose monthly out-of-pocket expenses exceed the premiums in the high risk pools.
If the nurses of today should even be taught to take a blood count they could hardly exceed that piece of insubordination.
Under this system utilities and factories will need federal permits for sulfur emissions that exceed a certain threshold.
It contains six thousand verses, and the total number of verses concerned with laws does not exceed five hundred.
For any expansion to be sustainable, the growth in resource consumption cannot exceed the growth in resource production.
Software could monitor the number of scans each computer on a network sends and quarantine any computers that exceed that number.
Meanwhile, increases in the cost of college exceed inflation every year, intensifying the squeeze.
Yes, the graduation rates at two-year for-profit colleges exceed those at two-year public colleges.
Scriptures have a tendency to exceed the boundaries of orthodoxy and resist closure.
Venture funding is only available with terms that exceed usury, virtually guaranteeing that the founder will lose everything.
Moreover, the majority of fellowships do not exceed two years.
Admissions managers threaten advisors jobs to get them to meet and exceed for-profit enrollment and start goals.
Fair use only covers the use of short clips, and you might easily exceed that.
Physician salaries, on the other hand, far exceed those of other professionals with terminal degrees.
Anyone could have told them that the expenditures would exceed what they planned.
If the contract doesn't prohibit additional charges billed after the work is complete, you can exceed your budget.
Natural sources and sinks far exceed anthropogenic efforts.
No wonder that those needing a kidney vastly exceed the number of kidneys available from deceased donors.
Subject them to a high enough induced current and you'll exceed their design limits.
If you compress water enough it will exceed the boiling point, thus gas bubbles form.
Add gravitational binding energy plus a soup├žon more to exceed escape velocity.
If that were true, then scientists who argue that nothing can exceed the speed of light would be prejudiced as well.
Water issues from a vent at temperatures that can exceed boiling.
The fine should exceed the costs they didn't spend on routine things.
Sometime early in this century the intelligence of machines will exceed that of humans.
But the fame of politicians can eventually exceed that of actors.
Organic foods must meet or exceed all federal organic regulations as well as all applicable food safety regulations.
Failing to exceed former highs probably never happened before in a long expansion.
By contrast, suppose you and your neighbor have bet on whether today's peak temperature would exceed fifty degrees.
Companies that come in below the cap get credits, which they can sell at auction to companies that exceed the cap.
But if the campaign taught us anything, it should have taught us that he has the wisdom and the patience to exceed expectations.
He whose expenses exceed his receipts shall come to poverty.
The lymphatic vessels of any part or organ exceed the veins in number, but in size they are much smaller.
He seemed to regard whatever he possessed as the patrimony of the poor, and his alms seemed to exceed all bounds.
But now, when he is in the wrong, nothing can exceed the long-suffering affection of this impatient husband.
Nothing can exceed the anarchy that has followed in our skies.
Today's retirement communities often exceed buyers' wildest expectations.
Percentage of tests taken that meet or exceed state benchmarks.
Performance at a high level in any sport is to exceed the ordinary human scale.
Auto executives estimate the demand for lithium could exceed supply in a decade.
Our commitments overseas exceed our ability to keep paying for them.
These kids have anxieties that far exceed normal bounds.

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