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Example sentences for excavation

So, they hired this local ostrich farmer to build down the staircase so they could conduct routine excavation of the site.
We follow a knot of workmen up the hill to rectangular pits shaded by a corrugated steel roof-the main excavation site.
The excavation soon struck slabs of shale that had likely been thrown in to fill up what was clearly a burial site.
Journalists descended on a sleepy excavation site there and reported that it was a favorite target of looters.
The center features a rich, well-established museum of fossils but also has an excavation site on the premises.
Basalt from the excavation will be used to make concrete to build the locks.
Learn about the special technology used in the excavation along with the process of conserving the mural once it is uncovered.
The excavation field camp is visible in this view from above the cave.
It is also surprising to see how large an area is being excavated, and how much excavation remains to be done.
The plaza was flanked by village houses, where the next stage of excavation is to start.
Excavation reveals leg bones of sacrificial victims lying side by side.
The scientists' conclusions are made possible by several new excavation techniques they've developed.
We were often closely observed by a curious family of howler monkeys that hovered right over our excavation.
Current oil sands extraction has focused largely on open pit excavation.
But it took a multiyear excavation to verify that fact.
One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the fossil excavation.
Try to find treasure in this hands-on excavation experience.
But in the meantime experimentation and exploration and excavation must be kept up.
He also suggested that an ozone detector array could forewarn of disasters in tunnel excavation, landslides and underground mines.
The dissent's lengthy excavation of the trial record is a puzzling exertion.
It was the world's first large-scale underwater archeological excavation.
Many other tombs here are still undergoing excavation.
But with only four of us in the group, it was not possible right then to do the necessary excavation.
Centuries of excavation have revealed the links between existing species and now extinct earlier species.
Despite the intensive excavation, no physical evidence--plant or animal remains--was ever recovered.
But in the excavation itself, the heat is enough to make anyone doubt his eyes.
Many of the features of the old city were brought to light by excavation, yet there is still more to be revealed.
Suleiman invited the excavation team and me to dinner at his home that night.
The excavation of a cemetery more than a thousand years old has uncovered tombs of powerful warriors adorned in gold.
Excavation of their quarries is carried out from late spring through early fall.
Some squatters dug them up and burned them, hoping to avoid a scientific excavation that would delay town development.
Learn about the history of the ruins and continuing excavation work at the visitor center and from your guide.
On sunny days, a rooftop adventure area features an expansive wooden play structure and a dinosaur fossil excavation dig.
Visitors can follow signs through the excavation or take a guided tour.
The intersection was sometimes jammed up by trucks coming in and out during the tear down and excavation that was going on there.
Deficiencies in identification and control of electrical hazards during excavation have resulted in hazardous working conditions.
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