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Those who plan to plant peonies this fall can excavate a few planting holes ahead of time.
Usually, they'll excavate a cavity in an old snag, or use a natural cavity in the same sort of structure.
There are no plans now to excavate any more remains, and those that have been excavated will be re-buried after study.
Researchers should locate these fossil poachers and fund them to excavate.
My requests for a ladder to excavate deeper were denied.
Foraging birds excavate large, rectangular holes in trunks and logs.
After the team finished surveying, it took months to fence, excavate and level the site.
If you choose thinner bricks, say about two inches deep, you will not have to excavate that much.
He had been working at a site there for a few years and was looking for another place to excavate.
Kinkajous are nocturnal and will occupy or excavate tree cavities to sleep in during the day.
They will return next summer to excavate the skeletons.
So it was with giddy expectation that the team began to excavate a skeleton of an unknown bipedal hunter.
Perhaps future disks will let you travel through time to excavate the extinct apostrophe.
Preparatory work will occupy construction crews for several months, as they clear ground and excavate for new foundations.
The archaeologists made a gypsum cast to excavate it.
Volunteers returned today to shovel debris, clean colonial knickknacks and carefully excavate antiques from the caked mud.
Usually, some form of trying to excavate any kind of negative thing cycling in the mind and turn it toward the positive.
With the edgings firmly in place you can excavate the ground in between, then pour the four-inch gravel subbed.
If you dig into the past, it seems, it is inevitable that you will excavate things.
We excavate to find both literal and cultural treasures, digging mines and unearthing archaeological discoveries.
Then last year, the government gave permission for foreign scholars to excavate.
Upon a signal, the students use their tool to try to excavate as many chips and nuts as possible in the shortest time possible.
It may be that in fact there were multiple migrations, and the palimpsest is going to be a tough cookie to excavate.
It would be great if they were able to excavate enough to reconstruct the ship.
Erasure poetry-poetry created by removing words from an existing text to excavate new meaning-isn't new, but it's suddenly hot.
Do not disturb, remove or excavate anything you find while snorkeling.
Kids can dig for fossils and excavate replicas of dinosaur bones.
Children would excavate food from the mouths of weakened grandparents and run away laughing.
Scientists, however, continue to excavate and rebuild the site.
They plan to excavate that lower chamber this year, after they secure sufficient funding to continue the dig.
The loss must have handicapped her ability to excavate, a task that calls for all her strength and dexterity.
Tell students that paleontologists make careful field observations, notes, and drawings when they discover and excavate a fossil.
In some cases, it is almost impossible to excavate without blasting.
Excavate within drip line of trees only where required.
During fall, overwintering woodpeckers also excavate cavities for winter roosting.
Equipment is used to excavate, load or move dirt, gravel or other materials.
Pileated woodpeckers will excavate large, oval holes in the sides of the white cedar in search of carpenter ants.
Prairie dogs, for example, excavate burrows in expansive areas known as towns.
One way to resolve this problem is to return to the lawn and excavate to the north and south.
Excavate high points of the ground to maintain grade.
It is a violation of state law to surface collect or excavate on state lands without having proper authorization.
Children can excavate dinosaur bones in the sandbox and hunt fossils depicted throughout the site.
Females excavate a nest in a tributary stream's gravel bed.
Grizzly bears tend to excavate dens at the base of large trees often on densely vegetated north-facing slopes.
Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they do damage wood as they excavate to make room for their growing colony.

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