exasperation in a sentence

Example sentences for exasperation

In exasperation he took off his own hat and flung it to the ground.
There's a sort of easygoing tolerance of others, but it's often spiked with insult and exasperation.
The reason for my exasperation is that I do not believe the current job system can ever lend itself to statistical analysis.
Adriana threw up her hands in exasperation.
You'll get there if you curb your exasperation.
In this moment of exasperation, I had an epiphany.
Time and exasperation take their toll on your quality of life.
Close aides express exasperation at how long he takes to make up his mind.
No one waited in impatient exasperation for her to take on her duties again.
Yet his wonderment and exasperation at what he reads is palpable.
But it also reflected some donors' exasperation with the government's handling of the crisis.
But reason gets you only so far, and exasperation with the public is a deadly sin.
She mugs with exasperation, working her jaw and rolling her eyes when she's annoyed or throwing indignant punches into the air.

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