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For example, let's say our model student is trying to learn the number of planets in the solar system.
Here's an example that has stuck with me for weeks.
Over the years their country has proved a paragon of good governance and an example to its bigger African brothers.
In Denver, for example, 55% of all residential water is used on landscaping.
Two of his daughters followed his example in their mode of marrying.
Booksellers should include a story or provide an example of their rep's commitment to excellence.
Attendance at the children's opening night dinner, for example, was off by 25%.
Share the following example with the students.
It strikes me as a stellar example of the work of a quirky individualist.
Once, at a breakfast briefing preceding a televised press conference, the President spoke to me of the importance of example.
To be fair, the task is daunting and there are some examples of innovation.
For example, some scientists have fretted over the world's limited supplies of rock phosphate, which is used in agriculture.
For example, every discipline should teach relevant civic issues and debates.
He hasn't done away with the mandatory retirement age, for example.
It's an example of how high gas prices are encouraging entrepreneurs to give the car business a try.
Give me an example from a previous job where you've shown initiative.
For example, when you break a piece of chalk, two new surfaces are created.
If the leaf contains carotene, birch trees for example, the fading leaf changes from green to yellow.
Robot dogs, for example, need only a change of batteries.
For example, as they moved into northern climates, natural selection appears to have.
Another example is one of our paleontology projects.
Great example of a disruptive technology that wiped out a business and jobs.
Paired vertical channels that he found in certain walls, for example, seemed likely to be tracks for guiding cages or other.
Commercial fishing, for example, can be quite concentrated far from any human settlement.
Their example added spiritual health to the catalogue of restorative and curative powers attributed to the beach.
Thus, for example, when he painted a tree he tried to express the way in which it grows.
The cross-country trip is the supreme example of the journey as the destination.
Copy-protection systems, for example, give the copyright holder plenty of control over how and when the software is copied.
For example, red cabbages contain an indicator pigment molecule called flavin, which is a type of molecule called an anthocyanin.
In maps of human genomes, for example, it wasn't possible to sequence enough gene pairs to get to a decent resolution.
One can, for example, make a blue dye out of blueberry extract or synthetic pigments.
For example, computers can be equipped with thermometers.
For example, he bridged the gap between mental disease and mental health, seeing the same unconscious mechanisms at work in both.
Barely a decade ago scientists who study how planets form had to base their theory on a single example-our solar system.
Tomatoes and corn, for example, each come in varieties that ripen at different times during their respective growing seasons.
For example, for lightning to propagate it must form a hot, conductive channel.
Let's use the commercials for hydrogen-powered cars that are starting to make appearances on television as an example.
Supplements are an example of how scientists interpret research in different ways, depending on point of view.
Such one-way functions, of which this is perhaps the simplest example, are at the bottom of all public-key encryption.
Smog controls on automobiles, for example, were predicted to cost thousands of dollars for each vehicle.
For example, plants could bloom earlier than their pollinating insects become active.
Many creatures live around volcanic vents, for example.
The student should explain what each example represents.
Bubble-sniffing is a striking example of how evolution tinkers with bodies, rather than rebuilding them from scratch.
For example, when acupuncture is given in certain spots, it stimulates the brain to release opiates.
Let's look at an example of how this might work for a restaurant.
Studies have found, for example, that people who suffer from depression are at higher risk for heart disease and other illnesses.
Consider, for example, bids to develop an oil field.
He preserved genetic material from his dog, for example, so that he could later be cloned.
For food lovers, one of the great joys of travel is hunting down the ultimate example of a destination's quintessential dish.
For example, pyrethrum is a pesticide approved for both plant and animal production.
It's better to step back before you turn, for example.
Warm dust, for example, emits strongly in the infrared.
The universal human myth may be the first example of disaster reporting.
The possibilities of a second example of life are as deep as the imagination.
For example, in one game two robots roamed through a course and met in an unfamiliar part of it.
But there's still much to learn from such objects: they get eaten by bigger galaxies, for example.
Plankton are sensitive to climate change, for example, and can act as indicators of the water's physical characteristics.
The internal vibrations of a molecule, for example, can never be eliminated altogether.
At a time when the world is paying attention to a species in crisis, our country is not exactly setting a good example.
Perhaps the best-known example of this is the story that led to the idea of supersymmetry.
Then it could use the cloud-stored data as desired-for example, to search the database to understand how its workers collaborate.
The profile of which genes are on versus off is constantly changing--with specific diseases such as cancer, for example.
One famous example is that water expands when it freezes, ensuring that ice floats rather than sinks.
For example, the military tested stiff-soled piezoelectric shoes as a power source, but soldiers complained of foot pain.
For example, manipulation of one specific brain region can change many cognitive and emotional functions, in parallel.
For example, beating the top ranked team or individual is much more significant than beating the bottom ranked one.
One example is longer battery life, so devices don't have to be surgically implanted every five years.
It's also possible to jump between different panoramas inside a space to, for example, see different rooms in a restaurant.
For example, he says, a full simulation of how a shirt might be folded would include fantastic origami-style shapes.
For example, at the sulfur electrode, each sulfur atom can host two lithium ions.
Some water filters made for campers and hikers, for example, use this technology.
For example, the digits of pi appear random but can be generated by a simple algorithm.
For example, a rapid arm movement to the left switches between open browser windows.
The invention of the telescope is perhaps one example.
These crawlers look through a user's address book, for example, and search for files related to the people found in there.
One, for example, is the idea that losing parties in civil lawsuits should have to pay the lawyers' fees of the winners.
The case may perhaps remain as an example of the advantage of consultation over confrontation.
The cluster is in fact a textbook example of constructing your empirical evidence to fit your theory.
Governments for their part could do nothing more wholesome than set everybody a good example by balancing their own budgets.
For example, pollinating all of the flowering plants.
For example, an official met for the first time may abruptly sink his fingers into your neck.
Something less offensive, for example literally anything, would have played better with the coveted not-racist demographic.
At that time it was the best example for factories in the world.
For example, pediatric headaches often increase when a new school year starts.
One of the biggest mistakes new moms make, for example, is they start doing crunches to get back in shape.
For example, health in the present depends on health care at earlier ages.
For example, there is a team of experts that respond to emergencies involving radioactivity.
For example, a short notice of a book or poem might consist of a single paragraph.
His example in this respect was not without its effect upon more than one historiographer of the next generation.
But it represented a fixed and settled habit of mind, and is only one example of a long series of similar phenomena.

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