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After examining the patient, the doctors concurred that it was not possible to remove the bullet.
By early evening, every bed and examining table was occupied by a wheezing and often panicky worker.
He soon was packing his examining rooms with the haut monde.
The book, comprising previously published texts reworked to pull them together, is well worth examining as a thing unto itself.
After examining the lifeboat, he said it was in great condition.
Scientists can estimate the ages of these dinosaurs by examining their bone microstructure for growth rings.
But now a variety of academics too are examining it for broader societal clues.
That's a good start toward re-examining whether these tests actually can predict a student's success in college.
These bodies exist to ensure that a proper and fair procedure is set in motion when examining allegations.
Examining the ways that emotion, connection, and stories have constructed our current world can build new strategies for change.
Such reconciliation requires a bit of time, so thanks to the authors for examining the evidence further.
Examining the consumer side of the college cost equation is looking through the wrong end of the telescope.
After much on this, he returns to the kinds-examining and dismissing objections to pastoral, elegy and what not.
The sense of these unseen creatures examining me was indescribably unpleasant.
He went down on his knees, examining it minutely-even going so far as to smell it.
In examining the cave, he was rejoiced to find much more riches than he had expected.
Our experts are on a mission to find out where memories reside in the brain by examining every millimeter for clues.
But as far as he knows, mining engineers aren't examining this, because they are currently unaware of the earthquake risk.
Explain to the students that they will be examining pairs of photographs.
Ask them to list the maps they create and to answer as many questions on their list as the possible after examining the maps.
After examining the national data, students should then look at state and local data to see how it compares.
In this new climate, museums are examining subjects formerly forbidden.
Gather information by interviewing speakers, visiting historic sites, and examining old records and photographs.
Researchers are examining the effects of artificial lighting on many creatures.
Examining the state of the science on climate change.
Once you are logged in, you can select from any number of ships and start examining its logs.
For instance, a harried doctor misdiagnoses a patient because he cannot spend more than five minutes examining her.
One easy and fun test to do is examining whether substances float in water-which tells us how buoyant they are.
Examining the geometry of fault zones offers clues to the level and the direction of the stress exerted on the rock.
Examining the state of the science on climate change.
Then the characters deduce, for example, what kinds of food different dinosaurs eat by examining their mouths and teeth.
He says other teams are currently examining this possibility.
And examining several biomarkers together improves the odds of finding problems early, especially malignancies.
The research is part of a growing trend of examining smaller areas to fill in the wider picture of global warming.
For years they spent their afternoons in conversation, thinking up deceptive scenarios and examining each other's decisions.
The researchers sought that evidence by examining the placement and age of craters across the lunar surface.
Examining diseases, politics, cultures and other unintended consequences.
Many companies include all of these traits and more in a single product examining hundreds of thousands of genetic markers.
The boys had been examining the movie case, but naturally no-one had seen the insert with the code.
There are two broad types of committee: those investigating earlier policy failures, and those examining future policy options.
Now examining is seen as drudgery, best farmed out to junior staff.
On examining these marks more closely, they found a crocodilian tooth stuck in one of them.
New economic geographers are examining the reasons for this slow convergence.
But the real trouble comes in examining the individual indicators.
Forensics are shoddy: examining evidence can take up to three months.
Even when you do manage to achieve idealism for a few moments, you immediately start examining it and becoming ironic.
In the silence that follows, he holds out his hands as if examining a manicure.
Examining the records of some of the industry's leaders highlights the substantial social costs of doing so.
It is a small group who still believe there is value in examining the patient, even in this era of imaging and technology.
Examining the distribution of key economic, social, and demographic variables at the metro scale is admittedly crude.
The genius of pop was to recognize that our society could be understood by examining the average products of the era.
It is impossible to discern a library's role in its owner's inner life purely by examining the collection.
Examining melanoma biopsies, they found that tumors expressing this protein were more aggressive.
The software mimics a human tutor, examining the decisions a trainee makes on a simulated battlefield.
We need to start examining the use of small trailers added to small cars.
They examined the strength of the links between people by examining the number and duration of their calls and text messages.
But after examining the question from a variety of angles, he decides that this is not the case.
Part of the book is examining if people can have conversations about politics without ripping each other's heads off.
Worse, the belly may not be particularly sensitive to an examining hand.
When examining data, you need to use the original pictures.
He does not accomplish this, but his way of going about it is worth examining.
They were responsible for examining each box of chicks as it was brought in, and culling the small and weak.
Itself a particularly good example of that lie, the book is worth examining in some detail.
Pause for a puke before examining his third style, the urbane and worldly bit.
It is too soon now to answer this question, but it is not too soon to begin examining the evidence.
Deliberate practice is characterized by several elements, each worth examining.
Instead of examining these complex communities from multiple points of view, they single out one group of actors as villains.
But publishers have been slow to digitize their backlists, and the reasons why are worth examining closely.

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