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Their three-week mission was akin to that of a doctor giving a patient a long-overdue physical exam.
As expected, students in the practice test group were better at remembering the word pairs during a final exam a week later.
There, he shook hands with the crew and underwent a physical exam, which determined that he had only suffered a bruised nose.
Everything you do in a meritocratic society is some kind of test, and there is never a final exam.
The gender, or genders, of the newborns will be revealed during their first exam in about a week.
All to-go food taken away for late-night snacks or meals during exam-time crams travels in the reusable containers.
Photos of the neonatal exam can be found on the zoo's blog.
We muzzled him during the exam, as he would not stop growling.
Each of my examiners had a different idea about what a comprehensive exam ought to entail.
Skin self-exam means checking your own skin regularly for any abnormal growths or unusual changes.
For one, it is expensive compared with the old-fashioned exam.
Your exam confirms that the original injury has healed.
The guys who had the steadiest rhythm also nailed the written exam.
It is what gives you that little burst of urgency, focus, and motivation when you are preparing to do your best on an exam.
Exam week for college and university students can be awfully stressful.
Even then, ultimately only half of the trainee cabbies ace the exam.
Touted as a diagnostic aid for teachers and parents, the two-hour exam will begin demoralizing pre-pre-pre-adults this fall.
If the final exam didn't accurately evaluate the student, maybe the student working a problem on the board can do the trick.
The advantage of this universal exam system is relative fairness.
It can be great to pop in the ear buds, turn on the music, and answer emails or study for an exam.
For handing this in the students would get five bonus points on their next exam.
He used to place bets with other students on exam scores.
The committees anticipated and tried to answer the arguments against a deferment exam.
The second hurdle for a would-be lawyer is the bar exam itself.
The same sort of question might be asked about the government's elongations of the school exam system.
Only about one in eight of those who take its entrance exam is admitted.
And the invigilators who police the actual exam are not always immune to bribery, either.
Children coming into his school from the local system sometimes suffer exam-deprivation anxiety.
The qualifying exam is so popular that fees are going up.
Defenders of the exam system say pupils work harder and teachers teach better nowadays.
The lucky few whose parents can afford to educate them privately gain good exam results and sail into university.
The accreditation system and bar exam aren't really barriers to entry.
For him, it proved a detour into the public humiliation of flunking the bar exam twice.
One night he falls asleep while studying for the bar exam.
They had met while taking the entrance exam, and even before the results went up, the two of them had hightailed it to his dacha.
We then plotted the resulting scores against how well they did on the candidacy exam.
We wheeled the patient into the gynecologic exam room.
Telegraph investigation shows examiners tipping off teachers about future exam questions.
When she walked into my exam room, her misery was obvious.
And if you need to do an exam, you'd better be quick.
The others soon chimed in with suggestions and the exam closed with questions about his future plans for research and writing.
He emphasizes the need for anyone with hearing loss to visit an audiologist and get a full exam.
If you don't know it by then you won't be able to learn it during the hour exam.
Exam questions will no longer require written or typed answers.
He'd taken a two-day exam and believed he'd studied appropriately, but got it wrong.
Many future lawyers and doctors probably wish they could join their profession without taking an exam.
Please refer to the exam announcement for filing instructions.
Contact one of the designated physicians to arrange your medical exam.
All applicants are required to have a medical exam performed as part of the immigrant visa application process.

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I know that if I'd had to go and take an exam for acting, I wouldn't have got anywhere. You don't take more
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