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AN ode is a kind of lyrical poem written to express exaltation and praise.
He approached this invisibility with a sort of exaltation.
Exaltation gives way to despair, which is replaced anew by exaltation.
Those locales are gorgeous, custom-made for exaltation by a lyrically inclined writer.
War inevitably produces an exaltation of presidential power.
There are realistic alternatives to the exaltation of an unconstrained market.
Finally, a dance of salvation contrasted reverent bows with wide stretches of the arms in exaltation.
Rarely has one seen a dance company throw itself onto the stage with such kinetic exaltation.
It's a place of collective obsession, of exaltation.
There is an exaltation about the grim jesting in the face of tragedy which gives a curious touch of nobility to what they say.
Its mushroom mania and exaltation of esoteric, exactly identified plants are arguably unrivaled.
All the works feel vaguely similar, permeated by a general sense of yearning piety and fuzzy exaltation.
Fairness demands a rapport for this occasion of exaltation, form and tradition with peers.
Embracing digital freedom was an exaltation, a kind of noble calling.
He repaid them with equal doses of public exaltation and private contempt.
Such exaltation is normal in a highly gifted fifteen-year-old.
There is a kind of exaltation and a peculiar kind of happiness that goes with these experiences too.
But it was also a time of hectic property speculation and of the exaltation of the high-rise and the tower block.
There is less distance than one might suppose between the exaltation of an oracle and her bottom line.
The usual accompaniments of moral exaltation and physical convulsions showed themselves.
Nor does the emotion thus evoked end in vague mystical exaltation.
Thence comes a new intellectual exaltation, to be again rebuked by some new exhibition of character.
We learn from himself what were his sentiments at the news of his exaltation.
All are beautiful and all have the exaltation which marked the soldier's spirit in the earlier years of the war.
But some, not keeping to the pure gift, have in the creaturely cunning and self-exaltation sought out many inventions.
Its beautiful exaltation of spirit is its dominant power.

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