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But a new report from an independent government watchdog group suggests that those claims are exaggerated.
Until recently the deficit-cutting rhetoric exaggerated its likely short-term impact.
The climate-match maps are similarly exaggerated for the seven of the eight species that are provided maps.
Trial researcher alleges paper exaggerated antidepressant benefits.
It is a type of physiologic or exaggerated physiologic jaundice.
Exaggerated self-interest is considered to be a sign of social immaturity.
The lobster likely uses its exaggerated claw, or cheliped, to defend against other crustaceans.
Predictions of traditional media's demise are greatly exaggerated.
Breeding for exaggerated qualities may well bring an end to the breed.
The economic impact of bouts of severe weather is easily exaggerated.
Fish tend to inspire exaggerated tales, as anglers know all too well.
Olson, methinks, has an exaggerated sense of how much athletics contributes to the academic side of university life.
Trading volume is not large, so this has an exaggerated impact on the exchange rate.
Other scientists contend that these ideas are flawed or exaggerated.
The moons are exaggerated in this artist's fanciful conception.
First, the extent of globalization should not be exaggerated.
The weakness of the dollar, in which nearly all commodity prices are quoted, has exaggerated the boom.
They need to be exaggerated and that feels pretty silly.
Ellison said that both animations are rendered accurately from the data with no exaggerated scaling.
The extent of outsourcing service industry jobs has been exaggerated.
Features feminine shirring detail at the scoop neck, exaggerated ribbed cuffs and flattering curved hem.
When the ball is closer to the camera, the error in the position of the ball gets exaggerated.
So there are exaggerated stimuli in the animal world that evoke exaggerated responses.
Don't panic, they say: the problem has been vastly exaggerated.
Keas are now protected by law, and it appears that the farmers' claims were greatly exaggerated.
Sadly for the potential fate of human civilization, rumors of the demise of climate change have been much exaggerated.
There is a problem with such exaggerated leniency and rationalization.
Some argued that it was exaggerated by the unsustainable boom in output and investment, and would slow when the economy faltered.
There are sticky fingers, to be sure, and the reports of urban crime are not exaggerated.
Hypoxia in coastal areas is exaggerated by changes on the land.
And to curb my usual exaggerated and unjustifiable optimism and empathy.
He said the medical dangers of early childbirth were greatly exaggerated.
Vowels are lingered over, phrases are repeated in high-pitched voices, and questions carry exaggerated inflections.
Taking even one step in a gale can be difficult, as things are more exaggerated.
The negative effect of feed lots has been greatly exaggerated by the animal rights movement.
Amplification exaggerated the waves at the surface, increasing the ground shaking.
The music on the soundtrack exaggerated the eerie atmosphere and kept me wary.
Both occur naturally in the body, but when artificial levels are achieved, their effects become exaggerated.
It's perfectly good to question exaggerated global warming claims, or not believe it, etc.
To appear in an impressively great or exaggerated form.
At the same time, many agree that environmental problems are exaggerated and that the environmental movement is a fad.
Some say that the attacks on her are groundless or exaggerated.
College entrance requirements appear to be drifting into an exaggerated importance.
Fears about the fragility of the global recovery are exaggerated.
It is believed, however, that the casualties reported are exaggerated.
Nor should the friction between those factions be exaggerated.
Make exaggerated pantomimes in response to good or poor answers.
But the case against the appointment is nevertheless exaggerated.
The first episode examines our fascination with exaggerated or distorted images of the human body.
Other claims of new flexibility are slightly exaggerated.
Boomer insisted that his words have been exaggerated.
But it has not said that net income was exaggerated.
The authors rightly decry the degree to which scientists have sometimes manufactured and exaggerated environmental uncertainties.
Governments have further exaggerated the problem by imposing export quotas and trade restrictions, raising prices again.
The gas industry has condemned the film as environmental propaganda and wildly exaggerated.
The stories about government inefficiencies tend to be exaggerated and usually are about federal ownership.
Happy music made happy faces seem even happier while sad music exaggerated the melancholy of a frown.
However, they grossly exaggerated the heat used by a microwave oven to defrost a pizza.
The security and storage issues shouldn't neither be exaggerated.
In the gravel walkway below, curves are exaggerated in a way that draw you down the garden path.
While solifugids are extremely fast, their running and jumping ability have also been exaggerated by the e-mail tale.
With extreme, exaggerated body parts, some predators were loaded with outlandish or disproportionately sized appendages.
His figures are exaggerated, but other crushing earthquakes occurred the same year.
The extent to which wolves cooperate while hunting in a pack is greatly exaggerated.
Some folks have taken the initial research and exaggerated run with it.
It is a heavy handed narrative in which the avaricious nature of the leading character is too exaggerated to be believable.
They say that it was added to and exaggerated by the patriotic pride of later writers.
The faults of the romantic school are all present in an exaggerated degree.
As for the effect of the cruise upon the training, discipline and effectiveness of the fleet, the good cannot be exaggerated.
But at times the torment of insect plagues can hardly be exaggerated.
According to the true scale, the depths of the lagoon-channel and lagoon are much exaggerated.
The contradiction takes the place of an exaggerated confirmation.
The speed of the coyote also has been laughably exaggerated.
Many doctors fear that the media has exaggerated its prevalence in children.
People were driving, slowly and with exaggerated courtesy because there were no traffic lights.
The fear of getting rabies from bats is completely over exaggerated.
On the other hand, you have an exaggerated faith in the market.
But now the entire neighborhood seemed to brim with an exaggerated presence.
The influence of both writers on him may have been exaggerated.
The benefits of any truly transformative technology are at first exaggerated, but their long-term effects surprise everyone.
The dominant critiques of technology have, then, something exaggerated about them.
However, the survey suggests that the opposition may be exaggerated.
There is an element of the exaggerated or sensational embedded in some of the pieces.
But some state officials responded that the threat is exaggerated.
The agent may try to scare you with horror stories of renters who get stuck with huge bills, but the risk may be exaggerated.
State officials said the gain was likely exaggerated by seasonal adjustments.
Some doctors think its seriousness has been exaggerated, possibly to help sell treatments.
Onboard software sharpens the footage but also introduces halos and exaggerated edges.
Reports of their brutishness, it seemed, had been greatly exaggerated.
The problem, they contend, had not been exaggerated--it had been averted.
There is where any facts that can be stretched or exaggerated, to get funding, will be done so.
But perhaps the reports of haute couture's demise are once again greatly exaggerated.
Even after that, there were feelings that this was exaggerated and so forth.
Fortunately, it appears that the fears were exaggerated.
Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong.
My point is only that access to electronic memory tends to give us an exaggerated view of our knowledge and skills.
The basic idea behind the principle is that animals sometimes respond more to an exaggerated stimulus than a normal one.
The giant asteroid reflects so much sunlight that its size is dramatically exaggerated at this exposure.
The humorous characterization is joyously exaggerated into caricature,--the serious characterization into romantic unreality.
To have an extreme, exaggerated concern over mistakes.
Life in the camps is an exaggerated metaphor for life on the outside.
Joe might have been an exaggerated case, but there is an element of eternity about his feelings.
Such stories, with stock characters speaking in exaggerated dialect, allowed their tellers to laugh away their own unease.
The instinct for hospitality, the elegance of manner have not been exaggerated.
Our seeming ability to satisfy our exaggerated expectations makes us forget that they are exaggerated.
The vociferousness of this controversy cannot be exaggerated.
But there is reason to suspect that filial piety leads her to see his relationship to her father with exaggerated intensity.
My reference to debutantes and yachts was exaggerated for effect, and went too far.
Their desire to get pumped up may be explained by the exaggerated bulges-and powers-of video-game characters.
Then the shock wears off, and their voices turn mocking, exaggerated.
There seemed to be nothing edited or exaggerated for our benefit.
To promote new or exaggerated conditions, companies give them serious-sounding names along with abbreviations.
These arguments are not without merit, but they are exaggerated.
He invariably exaggerated attendance figures for his performances.
The measure of historical continuity should not be exaggerated.
Every age develops its own peculiar forms of pathology, which express in exaggerated form its underlying character structure.
But rumours of its impending demise had been greatly exaggerated.
And the evidence that costs are routinely exaggerated is in fact far stronger than the evidence that risks are.
To muster the political power to overturn it, the actual scientific accomplishments were somewhat exaggerated.
On the other hand, the consequences should not be exaggerated.
Because the difference in the way the garment is worn is exaggerated, it's an instructive example.
Even if there's a germ of truth in it, it's exaggerated a hundredfold.
Wood, who has been allergic to nuts all his life, says these parents' worries may be exaggerated.
In yearbooks, they're the kids who wear exaggerated haircuts and immerse themselves in moody music.
The amenities of federal prison camp have always been exaggerated.

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