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Example sentences for exaggerate

Many people embellish their tax returns to exaggerate their charitable contributions.
His refusal to exaggerate gives the story unimpeachable impact.
It's impossible to exaggerate her narrative skill.
Reports of our foul weather are greatly exaggerated.
It's tempting to exaggerate or embellish.
Behavior that might seem fine in person is exaggerated on a video screen.
Her exaggerated self-portraits reveal as much as her words do.
Well, maybe I exaggerate a little.
As in all sitcoms, the situations tend to be exaggerated, but they represent triumphs and problems we all typically face.
Next is not to report false information, easy to do when many sides exaggerate or deliberately lie.
On the other hand, he was prone to exaggerate technical blemishes and to underestimate ethical and philosophical significance.
Personalized rejections cost departments more, which is knowledge that can exaggerate the importance of the rejection.
Some departments routinely exaggerate the impact of the journals their faculty publish in.
We don't have to fake our age, but let's not exaggerate it.
Eyestrain certainly can exaggerate the migraine when it happens, but does not directly cause them.
Add it all together and you have a tacit global conspiracy to exaggerate the facts about climate change.
Some patients seek to exaggerate or feign symptoms to try to get psychiatric disability.
Some experimentalists tend to exaggerate the importance of their findings.
Fishermen grossly exaggerate how good, and how bad the fishing conditions, and how big or small the catch.
That's a problem, because observers who witness a messy crash might inadvertently exaggerate how fast a car was going.
Several products are still in their infancy, and vendors are known to exaggerate the reliability of their machines.
Far be it from me to exaggerate these dangers, but one should be well aware of them.
We should not exaggerate the dimensions of the problem.
It will be argued that the lesson of history is that officials habitually exaggerate dangers to the nation's security.
It would be difficult to exaggerate the centrality of the idea in modern economics.
We've known that we're little creatures in a universe vast beyond our ability to exaggerate.
They exaggerate how sinful they were before they were born again.
Those who protest coercive methods will exaggerate their horrors, which is good: it generates a useful climate of fear.
His popularity, indeed, it would be impossible to exaggerate.
It is difficult to exaggerate the difference between this and all his previous stances.
Hence her tendency to exaggerate insults and draw ever more attention to any criticism that her base will perceive as unfair.
If you want science to be trusted, don't exaggerate when discussing it.
He does exaggerate for the sake of the book, but his science remains strong.
And in the science of comedy, you can exaggerate the qualities of the characters in an attempt to make them funnier.
They may exaggerate certain aspects to push forward a specific policy, and downplay other aspects to keep a different policy.
There's a clear path here, and no need to exaggerate the situation.
Sceptics point out that each mistake has tended to exaggerate the extent of climate change.
As such cases are mostly in the earlier portions of the records, this will exaggerate the long-term warming trend.
If ignorance allowed investors and politicians to exaggerate the virtues of economics, it now blinds them to its benefits.
Swollen government coffers could exaggerate these bad habits.
However, they are right on two matters, and the importance of these points would be difficult to exaggerate.
It is too soon to know if prices exaggerate the ultimate losses on credit products.
Environmentalists sometimes exaggerate the size of the green economy.
It would be easy to exaggerate the personal elements in the story of the rise and fall of the friendship between the two writers.
Hedge funds' boosters and detractors both exaggerate.
The resulting picture in the media will exaggerate the results of the scientific research.
Similarly, market exchange rates also exaggerate inequality.
These weaknesses exaggerate the tendency of all embedded reporters to do down the enemy.
One is that they can exaggerate traders' misperceptions of risks.
Yet the prospect of a first face-to-face meeting provides a natural check on people's propensity to exaggerate.
But those official figures, which include only state-sector workers, almost certainly exaggerate overall wage increases.
The significance of these cleavages is easy to exaggerate.
At the same time, protectionists exaggerate those costs and ignore the benefits.
As a result, several myths have sprung up about this virus, myths that either exaggerate its dangers or minimize it.
The bare-bones set and wide angle camera shots seem to emphasize or even exaggerate that.
If you don't exaggerate your challenges, you will find them easier to handle.
It is easy to exaggerate the significance of behavioral genetics for our lives.
To be fair, foreign media sometimes exaggerate the incidents.
Sometimes cartoonists overdo, or exaggerate, the physical characteristics of people or things in order to make a point.
Warns consumers about unscrupulous businesses that exaggerate the benefits or the appropriateness of living trusts.
Unfortunately many people exaggerate about their education on their resumes and job applications.
Sometimes they exaggerate the amount of money awaiting you.
Any lawyer who can make a witness mad will probably cause the witness to exaggerate, appear unobjective, and emotionally unstable.
With development comes pavement and concrete, which exaggerate the speed of water runoff and make floods worse.

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