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There is a fierce rivalry here over who exactly dropped the first burrito into a vat of hot oil and thus invented the chimichanga.
It's not clear from your post what exactly you were asked at any point in this process.
They do exactly that to others too, only in a more subtle, more veiled way.
In all that snow, however, scientists believe the chance that any two flakes are exactly alike is virtually zero.
And such knowledge might help solve the long-disputed question of exactly why dogs were the first animal to be domesticated.
On the other hand, beans and wienies aren't exactly a cheery prospect, either.
Exactly why the feds wanted the robotic aircraft dismantled has never been fully explained.
The magical sunset light was exactly what we'd aimed for.
Not exactly a rosy picture, especially if you're on the outside looking in.
But conventional investing is not exactly safe either.
No one knows exactly how the ponies got to the island.
No one was sure exactly how the scenario would play out, though.
Exactly how a hairworm parasitizes a cricket is unknown.
Once upon a time, there was a house that was not exactly welcoming.
The math describing both situations is exactly equivalent.
It is interesting how two people can read exactly the same piece and come away with completely different impressions.
And figuring out exactly who was coming back and how fast became the source of many an argument.
But scientists still can't explain what causes it, or even exactly what it is.
Exactly how and when speech evolved in our ancestors has proved difficult to explain, however.
But exactly when the caldera will erupt is difficult to predict.
Twenty years ago, that ratio was exactly reversed, he says.
Harvard professor says smokers know exactly what they're doing.
Exactly when cereal grains first became part of the human diet is uncertain.
And the whole point of science is exactly that: knowing how you know something so you're sure of what you know.
Since they are hand-made, no two look exactly alike--another reason they appear so natural.
There isn't exactly data to resolve that question, so you'll still have to draw your own conclusions.
We don't know exactly how that's going to come out yet.
It is therefore awkward that finance ministers seem to disagree about exactly what they meant.
The trick is knowing exactly how materials alter light that enters them.
Unlikely as it seems, the hotel's name suggests exactly what it is: a hotel made of ice.
Jumping out of an airplane wasn't exactly a precision mission.
Of course, it was never clear exactly what it was that would be seen, and when the seeing would take place.
Over the centuries scientists have refined their understanding of exactly what makes up the universe.
But their state collapsed, and no one is exactly sure why.
The good news is that the potential for electromagnetism is exactly quadratic and so can be solved exactly.
In case you haven't noticed, obesity isn't exactly in these days.
Once you've decided on the screen tech, the next thing to consider is where exactly you'll be sitting.
The social networking service hasn't exactly been free from criticism over the choices it has made with regard to user privacy.
But they are now spending more time working out exactly how they will make money from it.
The radiation's temperature appeared exactly the same throughout the sky.
Yet exactly how the creatures, which lack specialized eyes, detect such changes has eluded explanation.
But who used them and to design exactly what kind of masks remains unknown.
When applying any herbicide, read the label carefully and follow the directions exactly.
They discovered that this growth is stifled in exactly the way that dark-energy theory predicts.
Practice makes perfect when it comes to remembering things, but exactly how that works has long been a mystery.
But it hasn't exactly inspired a bunch of innovation rallies and bake sales.
Or you might know exactly what you want but you're not finding a source for the seed.
There are more sorts of protein in the brain than in any other bodily organ, though nobody knows exactly how many.
Though few ligers exist, they may not exactly be endangered, since they are not thought to exist in the wild.
Anyone can do a certain experiment and get exactly the same result.
It weighs four tons, exactly as much as the air in the room weighs.
Follow label directions exactly and don't use more than the recommended amount.
Exactly how some animals are able to perform true navigation is not known.
Both ideas are ridiculous and for exactly the same reason.
Once you have purchased a pesticide, mix it exactly as the instructions direct.
Now zoologists are trying to find out what made the fruit bats leave and exactly where they've gone.
Always let family or friends know exactly where you will be hiking.
He will be talking about exactly what your blog addresses.
Looking for colors that exactly match favorite objects.
When you're shopping for duvet covers, consider making your own to create exactly the look you want.
Exactly how far apart to plant depends on the growth habit of the roses and on your climate.
And, not knowing exactly what kind of mood you're in, fresh-baked cookies and fresh fruit.
Plop the beans in well-salted boiling water for exactly two minutes.
My only hesitation is that such explanations don't win over those who see the original examples as exactly parallel.
But exactly how this cell trafficking occurred was unknown.
They aren't exactly fellowships that were applied for, but they are funding from big recognizable organizations.
Wearable computing is here and it is not exactly what many technology enthusiasts may have had in mind.
For the right school, the master's degree and experience that you already have may be exactly what they are looking for.
But exactly how the inner workings of the urban and rural minds cause this difference has remained obscure-until now.
My discipline has not exactly done a bang-up job of promoting itself to the non-academic world.
He'd already decided to have them deboned and knew exactly how he wanted them stuffed and prepared-one inside the other.
Exactly how the human brain works to record and remember an image is the subject of much debate and speculation.
These are people who are, by nature, not exactly camera shy.
Exactly how this integration happens is not yet understood--which naturally piques the curiosity of neuroscientists.
We don't know exactly where it occurs, or how many there are.
But yeah, find out exactly how far you can push the grade inflation and go as far as possible.
Captions will appear exactly as they are submitted with the photograph.
But details of exactly where the lava originates and how it travels to the surface long remained a mystery.
He grows mountains of potatoes every year and knows exactly how they need to be stored.
Scientists are not sure exactly how clouded leopards act in the wild.
Yet it ultimately left the decision on exactly when and where to use antibiotics up to individual farmers.
We're still really puzzled about exactly what is bothering this chicken.
No, this is exactly the idea of significance testing.
Because they are all coming from the same row of seats in the mezzanine, all the light has exactly the same color.
But exactly what role it plays in recognizing facial expressions has remained a mystery.
Wildlife biologists don't know exactly what has been responsible for the continued spotted owl declines.
It's not exactly hunting grizzlies, but it presents its own challenges.
Let's face it guys, you're not exactly a conduit of emotion.
When using any fungicide, read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.
After all, we're not in the farming business, exactly.
Use a pencil to mark the openings exactly, then double-check that the openings are the correct width.
Exactly what species of carnivore left the pits and scratches on the elephant bones is unknown.
So, children who are a bit behind or ahead get exactly the sums that target their ability and help them learn.
It's not exactly routine to recover genetic material from an extinct species, but there is a standard method.
They know exactly what they are doing, and the result is something far more complex and profound than mere wandering.
No one could say exactly how or when this treasure had come to be discarded.
Exactly how dinosaurs got it on has inspired no small amount of speculation.
He hasn't been exactly tearing it up drafting forwards who put holes in the back of the net.
Officials say there's been no decision yet on exactly where such a stop might be.
New research suggests that this is exactly what may be behind two rather curious conditions.
But exactly how the drug manages this multiplication trick has proved difficult to pin down.
These novel materials could help unravel one of the biggest mysteries in science-how exactly the high-temperature versions work.
Police detectives determined from a set of muddy footprints that the vandal had traveled along each pathway exactly once.
In fact, both eyes are exactly the same shade of gray.
Exactly why the two strains exist in the same ecosystem is a mystery.
Exactly how this proto-human relates to other ancient members of the hominid family, however, remains to be seen.
Under perfect conditions in space, the free-floating cubes would be expected to exactly copy each other's motions exactly.
The two countries' education systems are headed in opposite directions, aiming at exactly what the other one is trying to give up.
And dead was exactly what my uncle did not want to be.
And yet that's exactly what appears to have happened.
But neither party will spell out exactly what there might be to apologize for.
We have to tell them how to learn and what exactly they will learn.
There is something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.
If this incoming light is then examined, these lines reveal exactly what sort of stuff is being observed.
If predicting when a volcano will erupt is difficult, predicting exactly how it will erupt is even trickier.
But governments all over the country are making employees do exactly that.
For instance, some people have innate genetic mutations which give them exactly the same sort of edge.
They did better with normal faces than jumbled faces, even though both had exactly the same colours and patterns.
Exactly what they say is unclear, but they could provide information about the contender's motivation or size.
And that's exactly what happens when the slime hits its target.
And that's exactly what a gruesome sea creature called the hagfish can do.
One of them fit in a way that almost exactly matched the predictions of the team's software.
In fact, the last time they tried it, that is exactly what happened.
So are attempts to figure out exactly who is the target of each song.
The polisher must learn exactly how much pressure to apply.
It is to say that he has exactly one on-air job, and that is to be stimulating.
It's not exactly a traffic jam up there yet, but it's getting a little congested.
Scientists don't know, however, when exactly the population declined.
The archaeologists won't say exactly where the book was found until they are finished investigating the site.
But don't be fooled by the old rumor that on the spring equinox the length of day is exactly equal to the length of night.
The researchers do not know exactly what it is about low absolute humidity that the flu virus likes.
But in a roundabout way that is exactly what many people do.
Determining the chemistry of that water could reveal exactly where it came from.
We know not exactly what the checks are even in a single instance.
They mirrored the writer himself more exactly and fully than others have been mirrored in their literary productions.
The flat beings with their measuring-rods and other objects fit exactly on this surface and they are unable to leave it.
Not only no two poets but no two readers would exactly coincide in their sense of rhythm.
Also the definition of simultaneity can be given relative to the train in exactly the same way as with respect to the embankment.
All the soldiers were exactly alike with one exception, and he differed from the rest in having only one leg.
Consonantal change as a functional process is probably far less common than vocalic modifications, but it is not exactly rare.
Brown exploited this commonality, and used his software to put the two singers exactly in tune.
It is sixteen years old, not exactly shabby but definitely worn.
Although the stock market is reasonably priced, investors aren't exactly throwing money at new companies.
What better way to make money than to know exactly about the absolute level of prices.
Not exactly, because it never occurred to me then that one could actually be a poet.
It is a lovely place, but not exactly filled with surprises.
Dan double-checked the bakers' work, finding they had followed the printed recipe exactly.
The taste is exactly the same as stuffed dates-different in form, that's all.
While scientists don't know exactly why so many embryos fail, genetic abnormalities are likely a major culprit.
The use of animal organs in human transplants is not exactly new.
These guys have developed a robotic touch sensor, covered it with fingerprints and worked out exactly how useful they are.
In fact, exactly this kind of behaviour is observed in certain types of cell.
That's exactly as the equivalence principle implies.
Understanding exactly why this is such a breakthrough requires a quick tour of computer music's limitations, however.
It remains only to add that the truism has always been regarded as exactly that.
Sanitized but terrific-which is, after all, exactly what network and good cable television are supposed to be.
They were not exactly fraudulent, since a number of political prisoners were actually released.
Exactly the same can be said about the boundary separating semantic systems from systems of knowledge and belief.
And not exactly breaking land-speed prose records either.
It is important to understand exactly a watershed is before understanding why it is important to protect one.

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