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Example sentences for exacting

He was known as a demanding and exacting newsman and anchor.
Widespread hunger remains intractable throughout the world and is exacting a high human toll.
Philosophical leanings might seem impossible to pin town with exacting word problems.
Although exacting in their requirements, forms offered by specialists are among the choicest of rock garden plants.
Although previous studies had failed to find a clear-cut relationship, new, more exacting.
Letterpress is an industrial process, as exacting and personal as you want it to be.
So the moral of the story is to screw other people over and depend on them not exacting revenge.
Each of his models is based on a real boat and done to exacting scale.
Strawberries have somewhat more exacting requirements.
Dunham works out details with deliberate, exacting precision.
But solar-thermal electricity faces exacting challenges.
However, this too can be shown true through exacting cost accountability.
Lai can be an exacting boss, but he'll gladly sink a fortune into a business if he believes in it.
Perhaps someday, we'll have drugs that can really amplify intellectual functions, while exacting a delayed price.
Moreover, they are exacting revenge if they do not get what they want.
Physics is an exacting science, bound by immutable laws that are true throughout our universe.
Then there is the long list of exacting technical and commercial specifications aviation biofuels will need to meet.
True democracy requires exacting measures to ensure that every vote is counted.
It has taken manufacturers decades to sort out each element in this exacting process.
Colleagues knew her as smart, ambitious and exacting foreign editor, a news executive who was both admired and feared.
It has moisture-free air and crystal-clear ice, ideal for the kind of exacting measurements dear to astronomers and physicists.
As better technology enables more exacting experiments, phenomena that were once scoffed at as impossible become the new norm.
At first, only one participant managed to meet these exacting criteria, though he did so on two occasions.
But they operate them to their exacting standards and receive management fees from owners.
The position of the star had to be measured with exacting precision, which ain't easy.
Creating films to exacting specifications proved harder than expected.
The engineering became more exacting as the songs became vaguer and the voices less sanguine.
He is an exacting critic, and an exuberant showoff, and the meetings provide a captive audience.
No one knew how exacting he was-a mad perfectionist with an aesthetic few would understand.
There must be an exacting examination of how the country can face this threat without sacrificing its liberties.
He is an exacting nature poet, a fierce critic of the ecological damage humans have wrought.
Exacting genetic and metabolic tests require strict adherence to test protocols and exacting laboratory standards.
They can be as large as a backhoe or as exacting as a dental pick.
State licensure laws range from simple registration procedures to more exacting educational and bonding requirements.
He was also able to delay finishing paintings, reworking them until they met his exacting standards.

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