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Worse, the hurricane could well exacerbate the tensions that lurk in the city.
Many of us exacerbate the problem by treating our e-mail addresses as public information.
In some cases, she argues, current policies may even exacerbate the problem.
Job losses exacerbate the situation for homeowners with risky mortgages.
The results showed that today's helmet doesn't exacerbate the damage, as some previous research had suggested.
If the pace of progress seems slow now, it will become glacial after millions who will exacerbate the problem are added.
Climate change may well exacerbate chronic hunger and malnutrition across much of the developing world.
Budget cuts and sagging morale only exacerbate the problem.
You may just exacerbate a difficult situation.
Lower rates can stimulate business growth, but they also can undercut the dollar and exacerbate inflation.
The heckling by the protester is likely to exacerbate the spat over protocol.
The slump may also exacerbate economic pressures that can damage the environment, he added.
And the reserve's borders, which are fenced on all but the southern side, may only serve to exacerbate the problem.
The transaction would also exacerbate the already significant barriers to entering the ticket sales market.
But our tax system is similarly shot through with deductions, exemptions, and loopholes that exacerbate our deficit problem.
Adding an extra decade or two can only exacerbate the strain.
Second, fever is one particular thing that can exacerbate a mitochondrial disorder.
Modern images of atoms tend, if anything, to exacerbate the problem.
It would likely exacerbate volatility in energy prices, as permit prices soar in booms and collapse in busts.
First, lawmakers' term limits do not exacerbate fiscal constraints on state higher education.
State or federal mandated tests exacerbate this narrowing of focus.
Expansion of coverage will probably exacerbate the problem because insurance premiums will surely increase.
Critics of the approach say forcing adolescents to relinquish their power over food can exacerbate underlying control issues.
Stress can exacerbate existing diabetes by impairing the patient's ability to manage the disease effectively.
Still, many doctors advise that if certain foods seem to exacerbate your heartburn, avoid them.
There are a couple of additional factors that can exacerbate ear pressure during a flight.
They argue it will create safety risks, exacerbate air pollution and is unnecessary.
Her approach to food preparation could exacerbate diabetes rather than control it.
Tendency is inherited, but improper shoes can exacerbate problem.
Expressing them and projecting them on airline personnel tends to exacerbate the situation.
But climate change and exotic weeds may exacerbate the risk of catastrophic fires.
The continued rapid population growth in many poor countries will markedly exacerbate the environmental stresses.
Also, fatty tissue could be soaking up some of the inflammation compounds that exacerbate the breathing issues.
Additional discharges by healthcare facilities exacerbate the problem.
And expanding agriculture to feed more people may simply exacerbate climate change.
And that, in turn, could further exacerbate the climate change caused by extra atmospheric greenhouse gases.
But these steps taken alone will only exacerbate the long-term conditions of poverty, deprivation and ecological catastrophe.
In fact, environmental cues can exacerbate any innate tendency to use food as a balm for jittery nerves or sadness.
All of these elements exacerbate the genetic predispositions to the conditions you describe.
Not only do levees actually exacerbate floods, they are a static solution to a dynamic, probabilistic problem.
Others exacerbate their illness by not seeking early treatment, driving up costs.
But in court the ampersand was changed to versus, and the aim was not to relieve pain but to exacerbate it.
The other major concern among mental-health specialists is that publicizing the behavior could exacerbate the problem.
Some suggest using credit-default-swap prices, but these too can exacerbate market swings.
Export restrictions also exacerbate the rise of global food prices.
Each season seems to exacerbate the problems of the next.
They warn that the military effort will only exacerbate violence in the long run.
They have reason to feel aggrieved about the inherent unfairness of the schedule, which rain delays exacerbate.
Third, real-life taxation is distortionary, and this will exacerbate the negative response of consumption.
Radical and transient regulatory and tax changes will only exacerbate uncertainty and volatility.
In their eagerness to minimise the risks of financial markets, investors sometimes exacerbate their wobbles.

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