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Example sentences for evolutionary biology

Before long, kin selection was a cornerstone of evolutionary biology.
She is currently studying evolutionary biology and its relevance to nutrition and overall health.
Evolutionary biology is buzzing with genuine advances.
Geological dynamism forms the park's primary natural theme, followed closely by evolutionary biology.
The genetic basis of trait variation has always been the one hole in our knowledge of anole evolutionary biology.
It is not limited to the discussion of evolutionary biology, but ranges provocatively through the humanities, as well.
Evolutionary biology makes much of it, and not surprisingly, so did the ancients.
Evolutionary biology's view of intergenerational conflict has major implications for family dynamics but has largely been ignored.
My position is that evolutionary biology lays on us certain absolutes.
My field of expertise is the history and philosophy of evolutionary biology.
Most of the anthropological references cite sociological practices not evolutionary biology.
However, studies from neuroscience and evolutionary biology challenge this separation of art from non-art.
In terms of evolutionary biology, animals strive to maximize their fitness.
They consider free will to be a product of evolutionary biology.
Try taking a course or two in evolutionary biology, and you'll become a master of indirectly worked out science.
The puzzle--and joy--of evolutionary biology is to find the lost paths that life took to arrive at the strange forms it has today.
All of these individuals have an interest in evolutionary biology, but biology of a behavioral sort.
All the natural history required to understand consciousness is now readily available in evolutionary biology and psychology.
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