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Example sentences for evoke

Low light can be used to evoke a special mood and feel.
Few animals on Earth evoke the antipathy that mosquitoes do.
Photographic images are frozen in time, but the meanings they evoke are fluid.
Both poems wittily resolve the terror they evoke.
One major plus stems from the fact that neurons use different neurotransmitters to fine-tune the responses they evoke.
These days, the photograph evokes not possibility, but defeat.
The results vaguely evoke a third-grade arts-and-crafts project.
Using a single fallen tree, artists can evoke an entire landscape.
Train journeys evoke a sense of nostalgia and adventure.
The decision was expected to evoke favorable reaction from abroad.
The untranslatability claim is nonsense, but the feelings these alleged translations evoke are not.
Period furnishings, many personal possessions, and reproduction wallpaper and floor coverings evoke his life before the war.
There's even a bit of time travel involved, since different letter forms evoke different historical periods.
Plus then you have to evoke all these extra dimensions.
The guitarists damped their notes to evoke the distinctive plinking of mbira keys.
They are selling brands, which evoke a subtle mix of people's hopes, dreams and aspirations.
Bubble behaviors viewed in such close proximity evoke the dynamics of living cells.
Likewise, low-pitched sounds are reminiscent of large objects and high-pitched ones evoke smallness.
The tendency to evoke external threats in order to rally the political capacity for needed reforms is understandable.
He approved of laughter and could evoke it easily, though he never told jokes.
Harder-edged features evoke an enigmatic, somber expression.
Synesthetic reactions evoke a response in more areas of the brain, making memory easier.
Interesting article, advertising seems to evoke strong negative reactions in the readers.
They're using different portions of my brain every day with different frequencies to evoke the necessary emotions.
We take the side of things and try and evoke their nocturnal, mineral quality.
Frequently, this too will evoke strong responses after focusing on these emotional centers.
Human infants express despair to evoke sympathy from others.

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