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All it professes to be is a pictorial evocation of a distinguished personality.
McPhee brings far-flung worlds to life through artful, exacting observation and evocation.
The argument that the evocation of color is related to the skin color doesn't make sense.
His deadpan evocation of flat, bright figures had an everyday quality that linked them to commercial art and popular culture.
And she comes dazzlingly close to a formal evocation of that violence and confusion in the first part of this three-part work.
Instead, it achieves a timeless feel through its evocation of slowly mounting existential dread.
It presents the metaphysics of anti-realism through a total evocation of reality.
Listen to the predominant fashion in rock vocalizing: it's an evocation or parody of operatic singing.
It explicitly focuses on the three characteristics of evocation, collaboration and autonomy.
Licensees who fail to correct their non-filing or delinquency will be subject to license suspension or evocation.
If bids are received prior to the evocation of the policy, they will be held for the seven days waiting period.
Harmonious relationships between elements and the evocation of nature's beauty are hallmarks of ikebana.
His work was praised for its fidelity to nature and for its evocation of mood.

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