evince in a sentence

Example sentences for evince

In some cases, concerns voiced and actions taken evince mild concern.
The candidate must also evince a sincere interest in his own country and in world affairs generally.
They evince neither erudition nor cleverness.
You write in grammatically correct sentences that evince verve and charm.
Adversity builds character, and the new immigrants evince that.
Erwin and his cohorts evince little effort to hold to a rigidly "authentic" style.
For a writer whose best poems evince strong powers of observation, Olds spends too much time taking her own emotional temperature.
No songbirds evince the power, beauty, and mystery of migration more spectacularly than the warblers.
Sometimes the synonymous words are accepted catch-phrases, sometimes they evince pure pleasure in language.
But if repression comes into play they experience disgust for eating and evince hysterical vomiting.
When the final push came, it seemed to evince an admirable degree of orchestration.
Such laws evince a worrying belief in the power of a strong, centralised state under the control of one party.
But at that point you're at the outer limits of the vision an aspiring president should evince.

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I am afraid that the pleasantness of an employment does not always evince its propriety.... more
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