evidentiary in a sentence

Example sentences for evidentiary

The pair hugged, snapped some evidentiary photographs and buried offerings in the snow.
Not much, if at all, evidentiary support is necessary in doing so.
Perfectly reasonable, scientific, evidentiary article.
Statistics can be presented as evidence and, in reality, have no evidentiary value whatsoever.
Following a two-day evidentiary hearing a judge denied his claim of innocence.
Which incidentally is evidentiary of excessive promotion of anticipatory gains from positions relevant to this economic cycle.
No definitive data exist, he says, but the majority of the extant evidentiary scraps support their side.
Think an intense evidentiary hearing replete with expert witnesses on pretrial publicity.
Factual findings are substantially less important when such a standard governs, because no evidentiary support is necessary.
The historic question demands more specific evidentiary care than that exhibited in his review.
The court spent all much of the day dealing with evidentiary issues.
Everything evidentiary screams design from top to bottom.
True, one with good reasoning behind the hypothesis, but still lacking evidentiary support.
There are many things claimed by chiropractors with no evidentiary support at all.
No, it is because there is no clear evidentiary indication that humanness actually starts at any specific point.
However, his argument from personal incredulity is a logical fallacy that has no evidentiary backing.
As a finding of fact, this determination is followed by the evidentiary basis for the conclusions.
The new details are contained in an evidentiary proffer ordered unsealed by a federal judge today.
Many cases involved forensics and other complex evidentiary issues.
The defendant has a right to a jury in a criminal trial at any point, but all evidentiary hearings are heard by the judge.
Evidentiary audit that follows the money and audit that hold up in court.
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