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The evidence appeared to paint a shocking picture.
This absence of evidence matters.
The agent posed as a dog buyer and got enough evidence to swear out the search warrant used in the raid.
The evidence was far from clear-cut.
Scientists have found evidence of a response to pheromones in the human brain, a new report says.
New evidence reveals a city beneath ancient Alexandria.
You raise some interesting possibilities for which, it appears, no sound evidence exists at the moment.
The evidence is meticulously documented and profusely illustrated.
There is, as I've mentioned, mountains of evidence against your claims.
In some cases, evidence has been lost or destroyed, the newspaper said.
Papayas' growing presence in the market is evidence that they've seduced a good share of their audience.
Each corner of her house displays evidence of her talent for creating an ambience both fanciful and romantic.
Generous evidence of the fact was smudged all over his face.
But the evidence she presented for the existence of the phenomenon and for its far-right connections seemed convincing enough.
In fact, the quality of evidence-whether for or against capital mobility-is weak.
Empirical evidence is a powerful argument, but it still seems a bit counter-intuitive.
Presented without any supporting evidence, that claim smacked of political opportunism.
In mock trials, for example, jurors are frequently unable to disregard evidence they are later told is inadmissible.
But nobody has turned up specific evidence of wrongdoing.
The evidence that humans were in some way responsible for these deaths remains strong.
The trouble is, the evidence does not back up this litany.
Past evidence from sport has tended to back the minimax theory.
Fifth, there is evidence that being bought by a foreign multinational is good for productivity.
They must show evidence to a judge and a grand jury, who must agree that it is sufficient to proceed.
The debate has grown so ugly that researchers say they are being threatened if they question evidence of an upsurge in autism.
Refusing to believe something in the face of scientific evidence is not skepticism, it is the height of credulity.
Evidence of exemplary college teaching experience is strongly preferred.
All candidates must show evidence of dynamic teaching as well as professional and scholarly activity.
Evidence of scholarly activity and effective teaching at the college level required.
Simply writing the occasional article is arguably not sufficient evidence of scholarship.
Evidence of strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Academics tend strongly toward whitewash in plagiarism, even when evidence for conviction is overwhelming.
There's already solid evidence that feedback mechanisms can change eco-behavior.
If new evidence comes along, the model gets changed.
But, judging by the evidence of records of advances and protections from suits for debt, he seems to have been needy.
Strong evidence for the truth of the tradition is the obedience of his style to the same law.
Scientists say they have discovered the first evidence that chimpanzees speak to each other about objects in their environment.
Bramble even points to human facial features as evidence that our appearance was shaped by selection for running.
Nor is there any evidence that people lived at the site.
Thousands of people claim to have seen the hairy hominoid, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy.
Held without charges for seven years, he was finally freed when a federal judge reviewed the evidence against him.
There is literally not a shred of evidence that turning fat people into thin people improves their health.
If the physical shape were not evidence enough, perhaps the clues tucked loosely inside would allude to its age.
More evidence that food trends are always the last to catch on to something.
To pretend that it has only one height or rises at only a single distance from where you sit is to deny the evidence of your eyes.
When a painter becomes celebrated, this evidence takes on an aura, as if invested with the essence of genius.
The evidence becomes even more valuable when the species photographed is elusive, threatened or even previously unknown.
But lately there has been evidence that plants and animals are changing much faster than that.
This, in turn, would be evidence of a common progenitor.
But the down side is that farmers aren't looking for additional evidence in the landscape around the fossil.
Other psychologists produced evidence of similarly deep and sustained damage in neglected and orphaned children.
But, in the absence of any overwhelming evidence one way or the other, until the nineteen-fifties the astrolabe theory held sway.
The charges were based on evidence gathered over a period of months by four undercover agents.
If a lesion knocks out one ability but leaves another intact, it is evidence that they are wired into different neural circuits.
There's little evidence that knockoffs are damaging the business.
It is not even a theory, in the scientific sense, because it is untestable and unsupportable by empirical evidence.
First, investigate any evidence that may finally illuminate the truth of what happened.
But a cohort of studies that found no evidence for menstrual synchrony began to grow, too.
If all but a small handful of scientists agree with a particular conclusion, it is because that is what the evidence indicates.
Evidence shows that screening does more harm than good.
Now new evidence, some researchers and policymakers say, tips the balance in favor of the benefits.
The evidence for hunting and meat-eating ancient hominids is clear and overwhelming.
After such an extensive search, it seems likely that absence of evidence is evidence of absence.
All the evidence for dark energy comes from the observation of distant galaxies.
The evidence comes from rocks that date from that period which seem to have formed under the action of water.
It's easy to be fooled by the evidence of our own existence.
Forty percent had the disease, and a similar number revealed evidence of a brush with the virus.
But that doesn't mean that the evidence could never, in principle, be sufficient to overcome this preference.
Scientists have found evidence that the self-aware part of our brains isn't always in charge.
Murderers desperate to get rid of evidence might want to consider using bleach to wash away stains.
Skeptics will point out that the evidence against many of these potential risks is meager.
These bones, they say, show clear evidence of cannibalism.
Paleontologists will keep reviewing evidence to determine which interpretation is more accurate.
With so little evidence to go on, paleontologists can't confidently say much more about dinosaur social lives.
Along with the evidence from the fish bones, this suggests that people visited the site only in the warmer months.
But when fossil evidence suggested that the dinosaur used its stego-tail as a weapon, scientists co-opted the moniker.
Every year, more features are discerned from seismic evidence.
Pressured to conform to the group, subjects often disregarded the obvious visual evidence and adopted the prevailing judgment.
The evidence, thus laid out on the gray metal desktop, seems clear.
There is evidence supplied by one experiment and the other experiment found no evidence.
In coprolites, she hopes to find evidence of feeding habits and behavior available from no other fossil source.
While it's a story that ties everything up in one neat package, however, it's strongly at odds with the evidence.
The cluster is in fact a textbook example of constructing your empirical evidence to fit your theory.
As yet there is little evidence about the actual presence of such groups.
There is no evidence that equality entails such costs.
However, there is neither experimental nor clinical evidence for this view, and considerable evidence against it.
Wolf adds no new evidence, no new facts, and no new observations of any significance to this part of the debate.
Aside from scanning the pictures there is no evidence that he read the book except for a few pages of the introduction.
It contains additional supporting evidence of the volume's thesis-now widely accepted by the historical profession.
By far the strongest argument against the story, however, is the slight and late evidence on which it rests.

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