eviction in a sentence

Example sentences for eviction

The farmers have been beaten, and several of them killed while resisting eviction from their homes.
When he does rebel, he is given the alternative of submission, or eviction with entire loss of employment.
They could not pay the rent and feared eviction, or they did not have cash to buy shoes for their children when school opened.
They were on the verge of eviction for nonpayment of rent.
Bad move, since the eviction triggers an evil curse.
State legislators are paying their own office rent to avoid eviction.
Thousands of policemen arrived to carry out a court-ordered eviction, though they found only nine tenants.
Hundreds of families face eviction from mine-owned houses.
Our buddies in the eviction and demolition department taught us that one.
The fictional tale of land expropriation and eviction seemed to cut too close to the bone.
He admits he spent thousands on himself, didn't pay property taxes and didn't tell mom about the eviction notices.
Her financial records, eviction notices, and lawsuits from business disputes were flashed on the television screen.
And so the tenor of the eviction could be pieced together.
Fisher was accused of lying to out-of-state clients about an eviction matter that he was handling for them.
Some immigrants fear eviction as replacement workers arrive and need lodging.
If not, you wanted to know the grounds for eviction.
The lender's name or its lawyer will be on the eviction notice.
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