evicted in a sentence

Example sentences for evicted

Some horses got left behind when the military evicted the homesteaders here.
The family was evicted from apartment after apartment.
But this begs the question of why the poor are being evicted instead of having their homes modernized.
Renters in properties that are being foreclosed on are being evicted.
Having her evicted could subject the plaintiffs to public criticism.
All that happens is that the property deteriorates and the evicted people move somewhere else.
No evidence that anyone has been wrongly evicted has yet been found.
The good news is that we're not going to be evicted.
She said refugees had also been evicted from other buildings.
In the end, things got so bad, the group had to call a marshal to have her evicted.
Meeting of the sharecroppers who had been evicted from a plantation.
If you are in district court on time, you will have an opportunity to give the reasons why you feel you should not be evicted.

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... with autumn falling over everything; The plush leaves the chattels in barrels Of an obscure family being evict... more
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