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Example sentences for evict

Your landlord cannot evict you without filing an eviction lawsuit.
Two squatters were killed when the police tried to evict them.
But first, they have to evict the males already living in the targeted group.
If the order is granted, and the unit owner fails to comply, the condo may have the right to evict the owner and foreclose.
Some landlords will evict tenants who are habitually late with rent.
Government had scope to be more patient then go hastily to evict her.
These modern-day hermits live in the remote valley, eluding occasional roundups to evict them.
The proposition that other people have a right to forcibly evict such people by virtue of sharing the same ancestry is spurious.
His landlord nevertheless sued to evict him, but a month later dropped the suit.
But it's important that you do it, else there is a risk that he will evict the people.
It has a number of molecular pumps that evict any drug that gets inside it.
It's pretty much impossible to evict a senior or a disabled renter.
They say that police have used unnecessary violence to evict squatters and tenant farmers.
It may take the bank years to get around to foreclosing, and even longer to actually evict the guy.
Property owners pay a fortune to evict tenants who fail to pay rent.
Violent scuffles broke out when police attempted to evict residents from hundreds of homes built illegally on private land.
The chapter sets forth the requirements a landlord must meet in order to legally evict a tenant.
Then, the landlord cannot evict you until the end of your lease unless you have broken one of the lease provisions.
Landlords cannot evict tenants for filing fair housing complaints.
However, they can evict tenants for not paying rent.
Even though you have a court order, you cannot evict the tenant yourself.
Remember that the landlord must go to court and get permission to evict you.
If the owner requires you to pay rent and you fail to do so, the owner can evict you.
The judge or jury may decide the landlord has the right to evict the tenant.
Your landlord cannot evict you because of complaints you have made.
Some rent-control laws limit a landlord's right to raise rents or evict you.
After the new owner takes ownership of your property, the new owner can evict you.
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