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Everything from cars to cookers could ultimately have social connectivity embedded in it.
Everything you want to know about candy and chocolate, including trivia and recipes, is at this site.
In order to feed, it juts out its formidably sized jaws and sucks in everything in the vicinity.
When it comes to diamonds in jewelry, perfection is everything.
They contained everything that was needed to support life underground and were virtually impervious to enemy infiltration.
The outdoor kitchen puts everything within easy reach, with room for three to sit at the counter.
Amateur satellite spotters can track everything government spymasters blast into orbit.
By the last month you should be studying mostly your notes b/c you should have already read everything.
Lava can burn, bury, and destroy everything in its path.
We are in the middle of nowhere but the center of everything.
It will expose everything you can do and everything you can't.
Your advisers will motivate you and give advice, but they will not be able to teach you everything.
And the problem is blamed on everything else but that.
Everything about him was against his being a powerful speaker.
Store everything in your car or in a bear box if the campground offers one.
Not long ago, it was a city that needed everything and attracted everyone.
It's not simply because they need to find greener pastures after eating everything in sight.
It arrived about a week later, and everything was fine.
There is good and bad in the world, and the whole lesson in life is to keep everything in balance.
His intellectual bequest remains for a new generation of physicists vying to concoct a theory of everything.
Cut the vegetables at home, make the dressing, then toss everything together when you're ready to eat.
Nerd-dom is now mainstream, which means everything is ruined.
We had a reasonable conference rate and the attendees raved about everything but the elevators.
Then draw a floor plan of the subway station, showing where you will place everything.
The quality has nothing to do with the format and everything to do with the design of the course and dedication of the faculty.
Perhaps the deepest question of all is whether it can ever explain everything.
Wildfires can destroy anything and everything in their path.
Dollar stores sell everything from sweets and toys to linens and household cleaning products.
For weeks, mission engineers and scientists had been listing in grim detail everything that could go wrong.
It's everything you ever wanted to know about our solar system and beyond.
If the result is true, though, it does change everything.
Get facts about everything from amazing animals to outer space.
Everything, everything, everything plays against them.
It's famous for its yellow color, which stains almost everything it comes in contact with-even your skin.
Cooked tomatoes have a deeper, richer flavor that enlivens everything from sandwiches to sauces and soups.
Astronauts have to be prepared for almost everything in space, but also anything on the ground.
But to truly understand how everything is working together, more data is needed.
But the next morning she woke up in her empty house and felt so depressed that she unpacked everything.
Don't worry, you can fix everything once you do some research.
Everything ever observed on this planet and beyond is dependent on something proceeding.
Dieters who wrote down everything they ate had twice the weight loss of other people following the same diet.
She felt a shivery thrill as everything about their comfortable old relationship suddenly seemed to change.
He is in a deep, sleeplike trance, oblivious to everything but the hypnotist's soft voice.
We need to utilize everything in out power to reduce our dependence on foreign oil including using our own natural resources.
Everything which is in any way beautiful is beautiful in itself, and terminates in itself, not having praise as part of itself.
Time brings everything to those who can wait for it.
Could everything be done twice everything would be done better.
One day is as good as two to him who does everything in its place.
The dark spot by the road that you might not notice at all is, you see, the beginning of everything.
It has been amply illustrated and everything has been done to make it vivid and clear.
To me, that is the living and definite element-principle of the work, evolving everything else.
Timing is everything for sharks that smell in stereo.
In other words, it appears that everything would scale so that it would be impossible to detect the expansion of space.
As with everything else, tho, moderation is the key.
Sally had damage to the how pathway in her right hemisphere, so she was ignoring everything on her left side.
The oscillation notwithstanding, the researchers say dynamic entanglement can do everything the static sort can.
It evolved and each and everything took the best possible shape to support each other and work in perfect harmony.
Everything in the universe undergoes change, it is a fact of life.
The artisan also dabbles in kudzu recipes for everything from kudzu quiches and breads to jellies and candies.
Everything written in this book is in line with history.
Then head over to the appliances section: five of the same firms offer everything from vacuum cleaners to rice cookers.
People often say that the details are everything-that everything shows up in details.
The answer has nothing to do with memory and everything to do with personality.
The speaker has said that everything except tax increases is on the table to reduce a sea of red ink.
Use it to flavor everything from salmon to mushrooms.
Plants thrive in the area's gentle temperatures and moist air, and everything looks beautiful under that soft gray diffused light.
Because the legs are long, you can flex them slightly to get everything to line up.
Don't clutter your display by trying to showcase everything.
In fact, everything a roast chicken does well, it does best when bigger.
Or maybe it's the effect of the economy which is making us all gear back on everything.
Put prices on everything--stuff doesn't sell as quick if the price is a mystery.
My favorite moment on the redecoration shows is when they clear everything out of the room.
Work out anything and everything that lies unexpressed.
People think if you have deciphered the genome of humans that you can change everything.
He has used everything from gumdrops to music and rides on the subway to make mathematics more fun and more accessible.
We went through and readjusted all of our steam traps and chilled water usage, fuel usage, everything that goes into energy.
Everything was eaten the instant it left the stove in the few precious moments before grime covered it.
Until recently, the everything bagel was of murky origin.
There's nothing to learn from this, except everything.
Around the compulsion of writing he shaped everything else.
The day begins in the river, and everything else leads up to it.
There are some films where everything goes wrong yet comes out miraculously, seemingly seamlessly right.
It allows everything to happen that everybody says needs to happen.
It is a place where everything can be discussed and negotiated.
Her sense that everything that happens to her is important doesn't mean that the later events are determined by the early ones.
It gave me a kind of private strength that allowed me to withstand certain indignities, confident that everything was temporary.
It isn't ridiculous because everything that happens on the train is utterly realistic.
New controversy over whether a single theory can explain everything.
Medical researchers are working on new kinds of vaccines that could cure everything from diabetes to nicotine addiction.
Phil posts an article about a moon landing, conspiracy theorist pops in claiming everything was faked.
Everything in there is at the same really high temperature.
The contentious mathematics of division applies to everything from birthday cake to real estate.
Of course, then they will storm the poorhouse walls with their enormous stockpile of weaponry and steal everything from inside.
Eventually everything is reabsorbed or excreted by the body, and the bruise disappears.
Everything is done for a reason whether you know it or not.
Look at everything you see with doubt, question everything.
Since then, it has evolved into everything from bacteria to toadstools to mudskippers to humans.
The beauty of it was overwhelming, and everything they say about it is true.
Scientism is the belief that the sciences have no boundaries and will, in the end, be able to explain everything in the universe.
Microwaves of a particular frequency behave as if objects inside the cylinder aren't there--but everything remains in plain view.
The answer has everything to do with battery technology.
Everything closer or farther away is artfully blurred.
It's a model that still motivates computer scientists and engineers who bet everything on their own tech startups.
The lack of efficient and dependable batteries limits the development of everything from electronics to hybrid vehicles.
There's no shortage estimates that we'll run out of everything from iron to platinum within the next century or so.
Scientists have tried everything from growing them on wafers to depositing them on a substrate from a chemical solution.
We don't use any organic solvents--everything's done in water.
The theory that the free market does everything right is false.
But it also has stopped offering everything for free and tried to sell a subscription package.
Essentially, it's the next major communications standard, and it's going to make everything faster.
Obviously this was a telegraphic two-sentence summary that couldn't cover everything.
This, more than everything else put together, is its killer feature.
Not with prop bets-those silly-yet-serious wagers that cover everything from the national anthem to the commercials.
Everything points to impending catastrophe, they imply.
The big guys with the secured position lose almost almost everything, and the little guys get paid in full.
The modern condition is to be overwhelmed by everything.
He thought out every little detail because he kept everything in his prodigious memory-and in his computer.
At this time, the festival did not yet exist as such, so everything had to be invented.
Put your faith in the almighty, he proposed, and you stand to gain everything.
Everything that is in the print magazine is also in the app.
Then again, considering the ending, everything that happened on island for the entire series was filler.
He thinks that he can power his way through everything.
Plants have proved to have everything human beings need.
In the kitchen, everything begins and ends near the sink.
It's there because cooks put this stuff on everything they eat.
Bring everything to a boil and let the butter melt completely.
Unlike the sales of everything else these days-morning lattes, pricey dinners, corporate jets-the sales of chocolate are booming.
If you try to experience everything, you'll remember nothing.
We're adventurous eaters and have tried everything from squirrel to rattlesnake.
The flavors are vivid and not overly complicated, and the various sauces that moisten almost everything are masterful.
And once you do that it affects everything-there is no way to clean water once it is contaminated.
Lemon verbena is notorious for fading with heat, but this syrup was everything light and lovely about the herb.
Bring everything to a simmer and let the vegetables cook until they're soft but not mushy.
Consumers seem to be looking for ways to personalize everything they buy.
Question everything, but don't take the answers too seriously.
Writing was becoming increasingly difficult, and he had always put into it everything he had.
While it's a story that ties everything up in one neat package, however, it's strongly at odds with the evidence.
Everything about the university, from teaching loads to libraries, should be examined.
We're involved in a complicated story here, and not everything is quite what it seems to be.
Runaway inflation followed-one of the earliest political memories of my childhood-accompanied by shortages of everything.
The environment is everything around you, indoors or outdoors.

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