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Everyone concerned about environmental sustainability should take a close look at corporate tax loopholes.
Not everyone finds the same things funny, for starters.
Everyone seems to think that ethanol is a good way to make cars greener.
Samaras is the guy running toward the tornado when everyone else is running away.
Almost everyone has experienced the warmth of a fireplace or campfire.
Not everyone needs to spend a couple of weeks earning their sea legs to feel at home.
Available in some two dozen iterations over the years, the iPod made music accessible to everyone.
Each program has it supporters and detractors, which makes sense, as one model can't work for everyone.
Everyone puts a positive spin on their policy proposals.
Everyone talks about the weather, but gray-cheeked mangabey monkeys actually do something about it, according to new research.
When it comes to pain, not everyone responds the same way.
If he included everything everyone feels is important, then there would be no point in having it as an article on a website.
For a crowd, consider a party-size super sundae that will please everyone.
New ideas sometimes don't get accepted right away by everyone.
Everyone else has already given all the good reasons.
One version has everyone pay the same amount to fund government.
Reusing and recycling water helps decrease demand and ensure more water is available for everyone.
Those that do have it, can't imagine brightness not causing a sneeze, and at some point think everyone has it.
Everyone knows that creating a quality product requires polling your audience.
Burgers are the perfect solution for casual entertaining: easy, quick to cook, and beloved by almost everyone.
Suppose everyone in the world got together and jumped.
If you want affordable, universal health insurance, then everyone has to buy in.
Trying to keep everyone talking while trying to keep him alive because of his total lack of remorse or fear, is a full time job.
Meatballs are easy to make, and they're a good way to get everyone at the party involved in the cooking.
In a world where everyone is a vampire, humans are only as good as their blood.
If everyone co-operates, then, everyone ends up richer.
Living at the base of an active volcano may not be for everyone.
Everyone was used to filling out electronic forms and transferring data.
Money is a thing that everyone is willing to accept for payment for everything else, all the time.
Not everyone has the room or time for a big edible garden.
Everyone has a gadget for stopping improvised bombs, ranging from the exotic to the ordinary.
Everyone knows environmental regulations are bad for business.
And once you add alcohol in there, it changes the way everyone relates to each other.
But with everyone on the team pitching in, as well as getting help from friends and neighbors, they made a spectacular feast.
Next, add the names and e-mail addresses of everyone in your group.
BP took responsibility and compensated everyone for whatever damage was done.
We'll keep the polls open for the next two weeks, at which point the winner will be clear to everyone.
Everyone does it because babies respond to it, and scientists believe the practice has a useful biological origin.
And the overlap has other advantages, not everyone is buying the same day-off consumption products at the same time.
The cabin's cookhouse is where everyone gathers to eat and spend time together.
He liked to tell people how everyone in the company was amazed to pick up a handset and actually get a dial tone.
Everyone has information they need to manage, or could manage better.
We see it sharply now that everyone is worried about jobs, fulfilling energy needs and feeding the world.
Everyone who craves to stay and carves out a way to do it has a story, usually a good one.
But everyone is hyped up about a short film, not the game itself.
Explore ways for everyone to get involved in space events.
We that is everyone can not afford for us to break the planet it's our home.
They are free-for-alls, with everyone playing at once.
Everyone has had the mindless slipup during a monotonous task.
Everyone wants a better body, a sharper mind, or both.
Before putting, everyone also was asked to draw a circle the size of the hole.
Each of us has a rich inner mental life, one that seems inaccessible to everyone else.
Every teacher knows there are students who always seem to be a step ahead of everyone else.
There was thus no obvious head of the table, and everyone involved had an equal status.
In the long term, either everyone wins cooperatively or nobody does.
Then everyone went home to do some surfing on their own-an hour a day for a total of a week.
More free time, which will eventually be filled with work anyway, seeing as everyone will have it.
Making everyone pay for what they actually use is always good policy: the profit motive encourages conservation.
Noise reduction steps make everyone a good neighbor.
Administrators lump everyone together in three pools.
Everyone pretends to be in favour of bipartisan dialogue, but it is a dialogue of the deaf.
Tuition is rising, the job market is weak, and everyone seems to be debating the value of a college degree.
There was never enough time to look into these or to go as far along the ocean floor as everyone wanted.
Everyone knows that it is impossible to concentrate with a splitting headache, but now neuroscientists can explain why.
Now that nearly everyone has been nearly everywhere, it might be thought that travel writers have lost their purpose.
Get up with everyone and walk to the end of the pew, letting everyone out of the row.
As everyone has a cell phone, then everyone can have a tablet too.
Make a bunch as decorations and give everyone supplies to fold their own.
Everyone knows of the speed of light as one of the unshakable properties of the universe.
On the first day of graduate school, everyone is still a success.
The water hole is less than a mile away now, and everyone in the herd is looking forward to a good, long drink.
Everyone grows a form of the drug, regardless of their political leanings or recreational proclivities.
So you see, there is simply no way to make everyone happy.
Everyone knows everyone, and the politics are reflective of this.
Relish it or revile it, everyone agrees that the bill is historic.
The world-renowned exhibits, unique architecture, and picturesque grounds make this a museum for everyone.
So everyone agrees that robots, ultimately, are the military's future.
Either way it's scary that everyone bows down to this guy.
Despite a thorough investigation of the site, the cause of the catastrophe eluded everyone.
Everyone can discover his or her own story on its walls.
Once you start typing, everyone else on the wave will see you type.
It would be interesting to see what the results would be if everyone had been honest.
Everyone knows the steps, and they invite members of the crowd to enter the circle.
But although everyone agrees that punch cards must go, so far no one can agree on standards for the systems to replace them.
Yet remarkably, by the end of the first day, everyone has practiced the skills needed to shape beautiful pottery.
Then, everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief.
Naturally this is impossible if everyone is charged the same price.
And for the first time ever, everyone could see the immensity of the room.
Everyone pitches in, and no single authority has devised the organizing criteria.
Everyone is driving the same car, on the same track.
At the first meeting, or before, introduce yourself to everyone you see in the halls of your building.
During the party invite everyone to plant what they brought.
When everyone goes and starts plugging in their cars, their will be a catastrophic meltdown of the power grid.
Unfortunately, governments seem to be almost as disoriented as everyone else at the moment.
After everyone drops their packs off, the guides establish the itinerary, based on the weather and snow conditions.
It forced everyone who thinks about it to be clearer about what they mean when they talk about race.
Vary the bread, cheese, and other fillings for a spread of sandwiches that will make everyone happy.
Even when you've told everyone why you are out of town or out of touch so much, they may rightly still resent you.
Everyone was asked to contribute ideas for the ad, but ultimately the group had to decide on only one.
He remained at the table while everyone stood, dishes were washed, and the thought of cold roast-beef sandwiches faded.
If you cannot remember names or faces, all the more reason to greet everyone enthusiastically.
It is a suicide mission, and everyone involved knows it.
She read the answer off my paper and everyone applauded, pretending they thought she had known the answer.
Everyone was hiding in a concrete building while guerrillas attacked the helicopter and it fired back with machine guns.
They have them for ships to tell where you are and where the other guy is, and everyone else on that system.
There's something for everyone at this interactive, high-tech museum.
Free to whom: everyone willing to pay eventually, one way or another.
Everyone knows money invested generally returns some rate of return.
Instead, financiers grew rich even as their industry put everyone's prosperity in danger.
The immediate cause of everyone's distress is an untoward sequence of weather events.
The truth is that everyone may get the same rewards, but virtually everyone will be worse off.
The case for regulation, in a nutshell, is that financiers make mistakes and everyone else has to pay for them.
Everyone applauded-and everyone knew the ceremony was irrelevant.
But because everyone's spending differs from the average in some way, so does everyone's personal inflation rate.
Now these poignant everyday objects were laid out on a table for everyone to see.
New technology has brought faster, easier access to information to everyone on campus, along with a newfound sense of community.
Well, our first two summer semesters were a learning experience for everyone.
Everyone can share a little bit about what they've accomplished that week and you can trouble-shoot problems that everyone faces.
When everyone in academe agrees on something, you've got to be worried.
It is also something everyone is familiar with, whether they know it or not.
Everyone has seen a depiction of hypnosis similar to this one in movies and on television.
The answer isn't the same for everyone because everyone's threshold is different.
Yet it is not merely that poor people tend to be unhealthy while everyone else is well.
At the end of the day, everyone reunites back at the lodge for a well-deserved dinner.
Everyone knows that there are lots of unknown dinosaur species left to be discovered.
It was a cooperative family effort, where everyone contributed.
It can be exhausting knowing everyone's business, and she makes a point of forgetting everything after each reading.
Where everyone lives in tents, and there's a fire burning all the time for warmth and cooking.
Meerkats seem to enjoy a peaceful way of life: everyone living in extended family groups, all pitching in to help raise the pups.
Seconds later everyone in the room was either wounded or dead.
Not everyone can work on changing everything, but everyone can work on changing something.
What is known is that everyone left in a hurry when the mountain erupted.
Everyone came away with a full measure of respect and awe.
And if there's one thing that everyone agrees on, it's that yeast genes are only part of the picture.
Everyone knows that aerobic exercise is usually good for your heart.
Everyone would agree that events in his past have prepared him for today's excursion.
Everyone who has been paying attention knows that there is a strong.
Not everyone carries this natural resistance, however.
They were looking for regions in the genome where a beneficial mutation is carried by everyone in a population.
Sooner or later almost everyone's hair goes gray, but the cause has never been clear.
As everyone knows, two's company and three's a crowd.
They are not so much owned by individuals as by everyone.
The idea that beta-carotene might promote rather than discourage lung cancer, though, caught everyone by surprise.
Everyone has his or her own list of demon tunes that haunt.
Sorting out rank in the first place can be perilous for everyone.
Many of us thought that it was completely crazy to make pay cuts apply to everyone.
Tourists click photos, office workers hurry across the cobblestone paths, and everyone is perfectly dry.
Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick.
Blue-for-everyone clothing began to disappear and some variety of colors and styles in dress began to appear.
They are not a cure, they don't work for everyone, and they are expensive.
That, after all, is why nearly everyone wants to join it.
Nim was a smart and engaging chimpanzee that touched everyone who worked with him.
In the solitude of the blank page, everyone was up against the limits of himself or herself.
Not everyone, of course, was so intelligent or so high-minded.
Two facts about the coming century are agreed on by almost everyone.
The people and their names would allow everyone to respond and remember.
No doubt everyone now living and working considers himself modern.
They are a threat to everyone, but especially to the minority neighborhoods from which they are disproportionately drawn.
Everyone had side effects of one type or another, and everyone reported the same level of improvement.
His special talent seems to be his ability to speak to everyone at once.
At this point, everyone knows that newspapers are doomed.
You've got billionaires taking the subway-well, millionaires-along with everyone else.
They take him to a party where everyone is dressed in evening clothes from the nineteen-twenties.
The idea that a university education is for everyone is a destructive myth.
Everyone knew about the money, but no one knew where it was.
We have little reason to spend vast educational resources foisting watered-down chemistry, biology, and physics on everyone.
Increased politicization around sustainability has eroded support for a movement that belongs to everyone.
Forget about everyone elsa the only thing that matters is each other and your kids.
But still, they're the team everyone wants to stuff.
Though he was part of everyone's past, he somehow understood that he must always remain in the present.
My responsibility is to make music that's progressive, that makes me happy, that makes everyone happy.
Everyone was trying to make out what was written on the balloon.
Most everyone has had the displeasure of stepping on chewing gum in a parking lot.
And new security measures protect everyone's data.
If everyone's e-mail had to go through a central server, there would undoubtedly be delays.
Thats been a continuing process for everyone involved in cell research.
He wanted to examine future programs that would justify its existence, but everyone else wanted to focus on the architecture.
Why can't everyone start looking at value as that's what consumers want.
He has made money available to fund community-building efforts, and his message to everyone is that these efforts are important.
The likely outcome of that war would simply be economic catastrophe for everyone involved.
Because there's no point in hacking an account to steal personal information when it's available for everyone to see.
But these potentially powerful medicines should not be made available to everyone, for two reasons.
To everyone's surprise, the sample shrank under the light.
Everyone has a story from high school, sketched out of memory and myth.
Elaine and her gang take to the streets with garbage bags of stumps, trying to pawn them off on anyone and everyone.
Roast chicken is the utility infielder of practically everyone's culinary repertoire.
First you could hear screams and yelling, and then you came out of the bars and everyone was going crazy.
So while everyone else was still cheering, she went into to the kitchen and began scrambling eggs.
Almost everyone craves roast chicken and some homey sides.
Everyone immediately agreed that this was a brilliant suggestion.
And high on the list is preparing those nightly meals when everyone shares the experience of cooking and eating together.
And it is always purely meat-free so that everyone can enjoy it.
And then, when someone asked who was going to clean it, everyone suddenly had a chore to do somewhere else that couldn't wait.
The words alone are enough to evoke thoughts of hours upon hours of flour flinging for a single bowl of everyone's favorite carb.
So concentrated is the quiet that the slow zigzag of a leaf falling from the canopy captures everyone's attention.
People are approaching food differently, and everyone wants to write about it.
After a couple hours of kicking, everyone will eat pig.
Such is not the case, and this department embarks upon the venture against the best advice of almost everyone.
Along they went through quiet streets where everyone was asleep.
When it began everyone whispered and shook his head.
Everyone has a role in keeping food safe, from the farmer to the consumer.
Ensured everyone has a defined responsibility in emergency preparedness.
We all know that when you take steps to make life easier for working parents, it's a win for everyone.

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