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All year long, from every direction, surveys bombard students.
View every photo entered, choose your own faves, then share them with family and friends.
Every time you open a can of tuna, an albatross dies.
The gadget, worn at the waist, counts every step of the wearer.
In a static world, that would be true, because every new factory causes extra pollution.
So, each and every one of you carry about a billion or so of them inside of you right now.
But there are a few simple techniques that ensure turning out a perfect pancake every time.
The goal of almost every comic is to find a comedy voice-a specific point of view that an audience can latch onto.
Many colleges don't have the resources to follow up on every student.
Unlike osmosis, it consumes no energy, and every drop of incoming water can be used for drinking.
Every now and then the public rises up to make an industry clean up its environmental act.
The two sides seem bitterly divided on almost every point.
But trading cannot drive prices up in the long term since for every buy, there is a sell.
Every fortnight an elder dies and carries with him or her into the grave the last syllables of an ancient tongue.
If there's a group of co-workers going every day, they are apt to go.
Nearly every planet-and some of the moons-has an atmosphere.
But every so often, our mitochondria and their surrounding cells fight.
High-quality, multi-functional gear for every photo explorer.
For every positive trend, you'll have no problem finding a negative one.
He said to stay in business these days every restaurant must cater to tourists.
Every second, it seems, someone in the world takes on more debt.
It is estimated that the workers would have had to set a block every two and a half minutes.
Silent, they wince at every noise from down the corridor.
Every month, you'll receive news and photos on donations making a difference.
After all, its not every day that you get a good picture of your home town snapped from a shuttle.
Natural hazards are the result of physical processes that affect humans every day.
Entrance and exit ramps connect the streets at every intersection.
Every year, more than one million children under the age of five die as a result of diarrhoea.
Every city is a potential battleground, every citizen a target.
Not every case is so notorious, of course, but in every one the final disposition of one or more human lives is at stake.
There, the foreign genes become part of the animal's genome, the set of genetic instructions in every cell.
There is always plenty of work to do at a fossil dig, but every now and then there's a lull in the activity.
Tao's accomplishments have already earned him nearly every major mathematics prize.
Yak herding increases every year, and the animals trample the buntings' nests.
Every school has it's quirks-- scad is no different.
Under today's law, every time a radio station plays your song, you get some money.
The point isn't so much that what happens to our sewage reaches into every crevice of our culture.
Before it arrived, he checked the status of his order every day.
Also, the differences across groups are sure to be small when compared with the large variations found within every group.
But every day, on thousands of campuses, millions of students are educated without any disruption by academic partisanship.
Open shelves put dishware and utensils you use every day within easy reach.
And a great many hoped-for hits fail: every media company puts out many more misses than hits.
And if you know what to look for, every picture reveals important clues.
Many species don't mate until they're in their teens, and then may bear small litters only once every two years.
Every garden should offer a secluded place to relax.
Data centres are essential to nearly every industry and have become as vital to the functioning of society as power stations are.
It is estimated to bring the state several billion dollars in tourism every year.
In effect, the portion of the investment return that was purely a result of fund managers' skill was being reduced at every stage.
Now almost every city is required to build a wastewater-treatment plant.
Every two weeks we'll send you our top news stories by e-mail.
Dominant styles seemed to change every five minutes.
Practically every word spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
Every day a work of art is stolen somewhere in the world.
Presidential and parliamentary elections are held every six years.
How she must have longed to tell off each and every one of them.
No matter where team loyalties lie, football fans unite every season for food-filled game days.
Today, the industry finds that for every kilowatt of power it uses to drive a server, another kilowatt is needed to cool it.
Plants need water daily in warm weather, every other day in cool conditions.
Every couple of months, set the plant in the shower and spray the foliage with tepid water to wash off dust.
Apply half-strength liquid fertilizer every two weeks.
College officials know that not every admitted applicant who sent a deposit will arrive on their campuses this fall.
Every hour it used to appear, this ghost from the past.
Every cook, be it an elite chef or an aspiring foodie, has a favorite pot.
Advertisers seem determined to fill every last one of them.
Birders will especially appreciate having a single handy volume that includes information on every bird family in the world.
Every little thing is going to be all right, maybe.
There will be no need for factories, goes the logic, when every village has a fabricator that can produce items when needed.
For every problem, there is a simple solution: neat, plausible and wrong.
Many do, but on average the children of co-habiting couples do worse by nearly every measure.
In reality, their ministers preach to about a third of the country every week.
Not every zoo has a pathologist, or nutritionist or the level of keeper training that this zoo has.
By the end of their fortnight layover, some birds achieve outright corpulence, their breasts swaying pendulously with every step.
Almost every turn in the road is marked with a neat sign and labeled on the map.
The word is a catch-all for every vile behavior humankind can muster.
But the formula for deep ocean blue is rare, occurring in only one out of every several hundred thousand diamonds.
Every once in a while a story comes along that seems as likely as cats and dogs playing poker.
There are only a few paved roads, but asphalt crews are laying down new ones every day.
Solar eclipses don't happen every month for the same reason there isn't a lunar eclipse every month.
Every evening--and during days of low demand--there is a large amount of spare capacity that could easily be tapped.
Every year around this time colleges and universities release their acceptance rates.
We train every faculty member to detect academic dishonesty.
Every few years, some new technology service comes along that nearly every college adopts, while other functions become obsolete.
Every generation develops a legitimate response to its own time, shaped by its own location in history.
From outdoor living rooms to creative sleeping solutions, every square inch has been put to use.
As in any container, nutrients are leached out with every watering.
No, every day is not a day off with last-of-summer barbecues and beach trips.
Every verse or sentence, possessing this virtue, will take care of its own immortality.
In every instance the expansion has been of benefit, not so much to the power nominally benefited, as to the whole world.
Every moment instructs, and every object: for wisdom is infused into every form.
In the following sheets, the author hath studiously avoided every thing which is personal among ourselves.
He should be specially careful after every motion is made and every vote is taken to announce the next business in order.
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
Then every event which takes place along the line also takes place at a particular point of the train.
For every atom belonging to me as good as belongs to you.
Every successful modern e-gadget is a combination of components made by many makers.
My own formula is roughly two hours alone for every hour of socializing.
It's not every day you get told over and over again you don't matter.
He was an exception to nearly every rule, went off nearly every chart, overrode any sense of purpose but his own.
It took some of the anxiety out of knowing that you could never possibly read every tweet from a large network.
They know that advertisers are targeting them and watching their every move through cookies and other tricks.
To remain so will require the dedicated participation of every citizen, of every neighborhood, of every background.
Virtually every government in the world is borrowing heavily in order to stimulate the economy.
He talked to every employee, from the secretaries to the nurses to the doctors.
Humans can outrun nearly every other animal on the planet over long distances.
Nearly every piece of technology is furious hand-waving.
And if it is correct that every human has a few new mutations the well of potential ugliness is replenished every generation.
Floating in the water among all these things are myriad bacteria-there are perhaps a billion cells in every liter.
There's every reason to think that filtering out small prey is an incredibly efficient way of feeding.
Raise your hand if every aspect of your body and mind is as good as it could possibly be.
Thousands of papers get published every week, but every now and then a truly strange one pops up.
Every day, it's one second behind, clicking over to midnight one second after the first clock does.
On sporadic days over a period of a month, the sensors recorded every word spoken or heard by the subjects.
Dolphins are born in the water and then proceed to spend nearly every moment from that point until they die swimming.
Thus, apple-seed-size meteors appear overhead about every ten minutes.
For centuries experts held that every language is unique.
Either way, this cluster is incredibly far off, and increasing that distance every second of every day as it heads out into space.
The faces of addiction come in every color and gender.
One month, he had vertigo every day, bouts in which he felt as if he were stuck to a wall.
In every industrialized nation, the movement to reform health care has begun with stories about cruelty.
My every action is misjudged and every word distorted.
For some reason, every single request for the name of the dog is immediately followed by an inquiry about the age of the dog.
Every nanosecond of this production is eloquent with craft and wit.
After all, focus brings out the best in every student.
Huge deli fridges contain every type of local specialty-jambalaya and red beans included.
Bread: a simple staple at the center of almost any meal, on every table, across the globe.
But unlike other commercial spectrum, the frequencies available to devices will not be the same in every location.
The computer servers that fill huge data centers are producing more heat with every new generation of processors.
Although every variable is considered beforehand, adjustments have to be made as the game progresses.
Every layer of electrode material requires a separator of metal foil and polymer film.
And then you'll do skin, and then you'll do every other stem cell you can get.
Every emitter plus target combination is a tiny x-ray tube.
Every x-ray tube, no matter how small, emits x-rays in every direction.
These meters actually transmit the data every few minutes, though data is only recorded monthly.
Other fission products slow the chain reaction, requiring replacement of fuel every one or two years.
In the brain every individual structure and neural circuit has been individually refined by evolution and environmental factors.
The grand hostesses are history, the president would rather be in bed, and there's a price tag on every evening these days.
Every beachwear company, every surfboard company, every accessories company wants its surfers photographed there.
Every glance, every slightly lifted eyebrow, in fact every moment is charged with whodunits.
Shifts in the affairs of the noble families who own these places have every so often necessitated a move.
My own inordinate interest in what the lunatics are up to in every corner of our planet has to do with my childhood.
Every village had an expert drummer and every villager could understand what the drums were saying.
She would paraphrase almost the whole storyline, and every clever bit in the movie seemed to end up in the review.
One desk copy is available for every twenty copies ordered.
But every great type design can be second-guessed, because it is the work of an idiosyncratic and imperfect human being.
She was warm in every wind and weather, but he was always cold.
The hottest way to outfit nearly every room in your home is by scouring for treasures at dollar stores.
He fought with the insurance company over virtually every piece of equipment that was needed.
Nearly every driver slows noticeably when approaching a stop sign.

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