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He served two tours in Vietnam and remained on active duty until 1992, eventually rising to colonel.
The emergency power eventually ran out altogether.
He eventually died in peace—a rare ending for a pirate.
It took years, but the role was eventually thrust upon him.
Allen worries that the marketplace will become filled with fad titles that eventually become irrelevant.
The species eventually reaches a height of 20 feet, with nearly equal spread.
This soldier eventually became the head of the secret police.
But eventually she longed to branch out, using other kinds of plants.
If you intend to plant it outdoors eventually, choose a variety that thrives in your climate.
But gradually that water freezes too, expanding as it turns to ice and eventually bursting the pipe inside the wall.
Eventually the sun itself emerges from behind the ridge, and the canyon settles into tones of gold and cream and dusky brown.
Growing unusual vegetables with kids is a great way to get them to taste and eventually eat more veggies.
Eventually there will be lots of fruit, too, everything from citrus and stone fruit trees plus rows and rows of cane berries.
Eventually, the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul.
Eventually, unless the world changes in some way quite new to history, the fusion will be accomplished.
Eventually it was settled that the body was distributed in four places.
In spite of influence and protection, the tough reaches eventually the end of his rope.
The marvel is not that some of them failed, but that some of them have eventually succeeded in such striking fashion.
Eventually, she asked him to do her a singular favour.
Eventually, the colony admitted the trials were a mistake and compensated the families of those convicted.
Western lawmakers resisted reintroduction at first but eventually agreed to the plan.
Painful though it is, this oil shock will eventually spur huge change.
Hedge funds may be the first to spot them, but eventually a crowd gathers and the chance disappears.
For one thing, the fossil fuels will run out eventually.
But raging hormones can eventually wreck investors' ability to think rationally.
The debate may eventually be resolved by statistical revisions.
There are also concerns that the constant generation of new stem cells could eventually damage any one line.
In flexible labour markets, many of the workers who lose their jobs will eventually be re-employed in more productive industries.
The present may be grim, but eventually the hangover from the financial crisis will fade and unemployment will fall.
After all, people do not buy extra cups when they do eventually return to their offices.
Eventually, policy must be tightened or the exchange rate abandoned.
Governments' thirst for funds will eventually crowd out private investment and reduce economic growth.
Blurring this boundary means that information can eventually get back into our universe.
Eventually, a student is going to ask someone what it means.
But eventually they become completely invested in the profession, unable to envision themselves doing anything else.
The university eventually identified and disciplined several students for defacing the sculpture.
The meeting would eventually devolve into a free-form discussion, devoid of structure or direction.
His reconsideration of the issues may eventually make their way into a new preface for the book, he says.
Both eventually down the side of the cliff to continue the search.
Ralph said sheriff's deputies eventually got the bear out of the car by tying a long rope to the door handle to open it.
Hypotheses that failed such tests were eventually discarded, no matter how wonderful they might have seemed to be.
They can't stay grounded forever without eventually jeopardizing national security.
Those surface treatments can be damaged by metal utensils, eventually wear off, and can be toxic if they get into your food.
Subsequent transfusions using sheep's blood were not as successful, however, and the practice was eventually banned.
By repeating the procedure over generations, scientists would eventually create an animal that is mostly mammoth.
Repeated swings in temperature can also weaken and eventually fragment rock, which expands when hot and shrinks when cold.
As the lake grows bigger, it eventually runs out of space.
Other countries were eventually asked to help, but by then it was too late.
Eventually, both runoff and much of the groundwater flow into the oceans.
If you've ever built a sandcastle at the beach, the water eventually comes up and washes the sandcastle away.
When gravity eventually does take over, the basilisk resorts to its excellent swimming skills to continue its flight.
They have sightless eyes as embryos, but the organs decay as the animal ages and are eventually scaled over by the fish's body.
When the villagers eventually brought the statue back into the town, the weather shifted and the drought ended.
But eventually plants will crowd the area, and reduced water could cause drying and die-offs.
The collapsing cloud separates into many smaller clouds, each of which may eventually become a star.
Momentum generated by photons, could cause the solar craft to accelerate continuously, eventually up to unprecedented speeds.
Renewable energy must be developed, and eventually everything must use only renewable energy.
Starting out as a biologist working in genetics, he eventually found himself on a management track moving away from science.
The quickening expansion will eventually pull galaxies apart faster than light, causing them to drop out of view.
Eventually, the aluminum begins to give in, and that phenomenon is called fatigue.
The well blew out, the blowout preventer failed, and the drilling rig caught fire and eventually sank.
These in turn eventually produced a protein sheath for the virus.
He's shouted down and eventually throws down his dollar.
Eventually they were forced out by judicial order, and today they are appealing their removal in court.
But eventually the floodgates opened and hungry immigrants poured in.
But bottom line is that a huge container facility will eventually be built around the entire site.
The balloon escaped its tether and the pig floated away, eventually landing in a distant pasture and badly frightening some cows.
Eventually, home sales will rebound and so will building.
He eventually came to rely more on his scientific skills.
Eventually, those plants will no longer be safe to operate and will need to be dismantled.
Retained heat eventually melts the ice, in a cycle that recurs about every five years.
But eventually that commitment to ubiquity and sameness killed the company.
Eventually, this will help the market to reach equilibrium so that prices can eventually stabilize.
Eventually, they will likely end up shredded and replaced by newer, crisper banknotes.
The birds learned to identify an aggressive researcher and ignore the others-and eventually they dive-bombed the malefactor.
Eventually everything is reabsorbed or excreted by the body, and the bruise disappears.
But it is the frontal cortex that eventually encodes the memory into long-term storage.
When the particles eventually settled into the world's oceans, they may have turned the waters toxic.
When its telomeres become too short, a cell stops dividing and eventually dies.
Worldwide, about a billion tires are sold annually, and eventually all get tossed.
Another major collision is certain to happen eventually, he adds.
The sound would eventually convert to heat anyway after bouncing around the walls of the room.
When the mahouts released the elephant pairs at the same time, they eventually pulled the rope together.
Eventually, we'll develop an ongoing conversation that will evolve over several threads.
Hanson's argument is that eventually population growth will catch up with economic growth, as it has for all of history.
It will eventually make a huge difference, probably in all sorts of unimaginable ways.
The fungus produced a long stalk tipped with spores, which eventually blew away, presumably to infect more ants.
They can wreck neurons, preventing them from firing normally and eventually killing them.
But eventually, add enough heat, and the ice melts and goes back into the ocean.
There's even a plan eventually to allow cars to deliver power back to the grid to help with peaks in electricity demand.
Eventually, the method could be adapted for metal-air batteries, in which the electrode material would be in contact with the air.
During stroke, for example, neurons deprived of oxygen and glucose eventually die.
But the metal degrades over time, and particularly in younger patients, it may eventually have to be replaced.
Such fuel cells could replace batteries in laptops and cell phones, and could eventually be used to power electric vehicles.
Yes, all those foreclosed homes will eventually find someone to live in them, or be torn down.
He eventually leads me to an examination room, instructs me to undress, and leaves.
Her anger kept boiling over, however, and eventually the fits of rage came every day.
She was eventually able to escape days later by cab, the lawsuit says.
But paramedics were eventually called in and hauled my poor friend out on a stretcher.
His father's gambling debts forced the family to move repeatedly, and eventually his temperamentally mismatched parents separated.
Eventually the torture was stopped by the intervention of the doctor.
Eventually they'd stumbled into a taxi together, weak with laughter, their arms around each other.
There have frequently been phenomena that seemed utterly mysterious but that eventually received an explanation.
Promising eventually to comprise ninety volumes, the project at present is approximately two-thirds complete.
The other children were less enthusiastic, but he believed he would get them eventually.
Eventually, the land was sold to a white businessman and later turned into subdivisions.
The point is, they are able to stop taking it eventually.
By making early detection and treatment possible, the test could eventually reduce the number of prostate-cancer deaths.
Eventually, two manufacturers and distributors were executed and another nineteen or so went to prison.
Fund managers get bonuses at the end of each year, and they keep those performance fees even if the fund eventually goes south.
But eventually the complexities of the human world would intrude.
That's the nature of speculative manias: eventually, they draw in almost all of us.
But eventually, the other workers in the office begin speaking the dialogue.
Eventually she puts one of her heavy purple arms around me, leans.
But eventually every yard runs out of storage capacity.
Certainly, pro football would have eventually been invented.
If he continues to be disciplined by the league, he could eventually face a suspension.
The cloud eventually grows upward into areas where the temperature is below freezing.

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