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The nine deadlines were fairly evenly distributed over four months, with the first two coming up in three weeks.
It's a smaller, less commercial hunt--the meat is distributed evenly among local families, not sold.
There was more than enough space for everything and the pack distributed the weight evenly on my back.
Traditionally, load-balancing algorithms are used to keep traffic evenly distributed over a set of servers.
It distributed ink evenly from the cartridge to the paper for writing, and it contained the rest of the ink inside the cartridge.
It distributed ink evenly from the cartridge to the paper for writing, and it held the rest of the ink inside the cartridge.
And reserves of phosphorus are even less evenly distributed than oil's, raising additional supply concerns.
At no time in our history has more wealth been more evenly distributed as it is today.
And of course losses are not evenly distributed across the system.
Today, the world's human capital is increasingly evenly distributed.
Longevity, in general, is not evenly distributed in the population.
The load is evenly distributed, and water doesn't slosh all over the carrier's legs.
In other deals the spoils might not be so evenly distributed.
Spread granola onto prepared pan or trays until evenly distributed.
Private sector opportunities tend to be more evenly distributed throughout the year.
If your attic insulation covers your joists and is distributed evenly, you probably have enough.
Public squares and parks were evenly dispersed at intersections.
Often the questions are evenly directed among the panelists.
When everyone orders bottles of wine and appetizers and then decides to split the bill evenly, my heart sinks.
The team also found straight lines of evenly spaced holes in the seabed that appear to have been engineered by animals.
Although nuclear tests were conducted in only a few places, the radiocarbon spread evenly in the atmosphere.
Not surprisingly, the impact of pollution does not fall evenly across the population.
They have a system that spreads benefits absolutely evenly among all their members.
Add parsley to the mix and stir well so that all ingredients distribute evenly.
Shelves are fully stocked, and cans are evenly spaced.
But all of these heirlooms are evenly deep-hued and luscious on the inside, as crimson and soft as mouth flesh.
The fiber keeps the polymer particles evenly spaced so that they can soak up the blood quickly while expanding uniformly.
Not only do convection ovens cook food more evenly than conventional ovens, but they do it more quickly and at lower temperatures.
The evenly dispersed particles each have several high-density coatings on them.
There simply is not enough time to disperse evenly the effects of such huge thermal disturbances.
My guess is that within a decade these two will be able to compete evenly with fossil fuels.
The gas that is zipping around will fly off into space and or distribute evenly with the earths atmosphere.
Drop spoonfuls of topping around edge of cake and spread gently over center, smoothing evenly.
Turn slices over and sprinkle evenly with brown sugar.
Add food coloring and mix at low speed until evenly colored.
He stretched a ball of dough expertly, evenly over the pad.
And the result is soft, plump, and evenly toned skin.
Stir it around with a fork so it cooks evenly and thoroughly.
Add half the corn-chili mixture, spreading evenly over the noodles.
Boris' wage support idea has quite a bit of merit in that it spreads the burden more evenly.
The tumult at the top of financial markets has not filtered down evenly, but that doesn't mean it's not seeping.
So, you're probably wondering why the eclipse line isn't evenly rounded.
Responsibility for boosting growth must be more evenly split with politicians.
Moreover, the dollar is unlikely to fall evenly against other currencies.
Many of the resources are spread across the continent fairly evenly, leaving miners with a choice about where to go.
The good news has not been spread evenly, of course: some countries have ridden the storm more successfully than others.
What seems particularly interesting to me is that voting in this debate appears relatively evenly balanced.
The yuan must rise against the dollar, but must do so slowly and evenly over years and decades.
True, because the corruption is spread evenly among many people.
At the moment, they look evenly balanced, but both are changing rapidly.
Swirl the pan to distribute the eggs and filling evenly over the surface.
Meanwhile, place the bread cubes in the same bowl, then drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat evenly.
Move the marzipan around to ensure it is evenly coated.
Last year, the writers divided up the winners fairly evenly between the different automakers.
Continue to make adjustments and run the test until the system is applying water as evenly as possible.
Install the washers and nuts onto the bolts and tighten them evenly one turn past hand-tight.
In basic plumage, note the evenly gray wings on both the upper and under surfaces and the wedge-shaped tail.

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