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Example sentences for evenings

Afternoons and evenings were meant for intimate meals and gatherings limited to no more than six guests, invited for a few days.
They don't often require meeting together during weekends or evenings.
Weekends and evenings year-round, half the town is working the land.
And evenings, after nine pm, it is my pleasure to sweep and mop the floors and tidy the shelves.
It's a great stop in the evenings for dinner or to catch a city view and grab a cold beer on the rooftop bar.
On dark summer evenings, kayaks form a stream of glowing green as they ply the bioluminescent waters.
Cyclists pedal at their own pace, regrouping at points of interest and in the evenings to share their experiences.
The bar opens at noon, but the music doesn't usually start until the evenings.
In summer evenings you can see many romantic couples on this route as well as bikers, in-lane skaters, and joggers.
He can spend the long evenings which remain to him writing letters and memoirs which will justify his actions when in power.
Sometimes as an executive program, evenings, or online.
We'll be dispatched out and come back in the evenings.
The lighting, particularly in the evenings, is dimmed.
The hotel has free parking on the weekends and in the evenings.
It tends to get chilly enough in the evenings to warrant a light jacket or sweater.
Basic entry fees are typically cheaper during the day and slightly more expensive in the evenings or on weekends.
One of our favorite servers was actually working there in the evenings.
She protects evenings for dinner with her family and a beach walk with her husband.
On clear evenings, the dew point reading can also indicate how low the temperature will fall overnight.
Afternoons and evenings are a different story, though.
Most evenings, the crowd of bankers and businessmen groan and gulp their drinks as they watch markets plummet.
Spending two evenings with this orchestra generates a genuine fondness for it.
They need clinics to be open early mornings and evenings.
Part-Time hours vary, but will include evenings and weekends.
Will be working late afternoons and evenings during the week.
Will be working rotating schedule both days and evenings.
Must be able to work all shifts including days and evenings.

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