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Every morning at around dawn and every evening at sunset, he leaves his modest house and makes his way to the desert.
Most of us have a morning and an evening routine, whether or not you think of them in those terms.
The action takes place on a single winter evening in rooms as frigid as the surrounding snow.
Then plant in early evening after temperatures have cooled down.
All things equal, the pizza magnate had a pretty good evening.
The stress of the day, from morning traffic to the evening news, can make anyone's blood pressure rise.
One winter evening long ago, my mom's oven gave out an oily whoosh and started spitting flames.
Diaries of the preceding days mention smoky air and a red sun at morning and evening.
The effects of the disease, though, go beyond an itchy evening in the garden.
It is late in the evening rush hour, typical stop-and-go traffic.
Tall candlesticks, set on the ground, add romance in the evening.
Judging by the amount of beer and snacks consumed and the lateness of our departure back home, the evening was a success.
We spend almost every evening together unless one of us is really busy.
These areas, which are also lively during the day, offer the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable evening.
The best time to cut stems and branches is in the early morning or evening when the air is cool.
If you only use plastic your bartender won't appreciate your generosity till the end of the evening when you sign your bill.
Despite what's suggested by images on the evening news, tornadoes are rare and fleeting.
He then stays awake until his usual bed time the following evening.
Serve the condiments on the side for a casual evening party.
But he also understands that one hothead can screw up a good evening out.
They may take place once or twice a week, every morning, or late in the evening.
The barbecue area took two months of mostly weekend and evening work.
So enjoy that extra hour of sunlight in the evening.
Pick nearly mature flowers in early morning or evening.
Wonder's honest request was a lively wake-up call in a largely pre-fab evening.
Soon they were slogging away alongside her, into the evening and then-after a respite-returning the following morning.
They conclude that winds are evening out its day and night temperatures by stirring together hot and cold gas.
Or considering where they will dine that evening as they tap out an e-mail.
Think constellations, fall's cool evening air, and moonrises over the badlands.
Summer is hot here, but lakeside evening concerts and lower summer room rates compensate.
Light and airy, these souffl├ęs are the perfect finale for a romantic evening.
Lighting behind the panels extends outdoor entertaining into evening and adds drama to the space.
They came later in the evening after two normally formed eggs.
So the family would all milk together in the barn, morning and evening.
Half of the subjects viewed the images in the morning and again in the evening of the same day.
The other half viewed the same images in the evening and then again the next morning after sleeping.
It really helps me to feel less lonely, particularly in the lonesome evening when the day's activities have ended.
Big band in the afternoon, and opera in the evening.
The government sterilization team will greet you when you return home this evening.
Despite the precautions, clashes between protesters and the police erupted after the vote and continued into the evening.
The programme is offered in week-day evening and weekend formats.
Everyone has a mobile phone, a few people have new cars, and early-evening courting is fuelled by branded beers and hot dogs.
The evening air begins to fill with hum of crickets.
She told, appalled, of friends telephoned in the evening by their private employers with work requests.
Late afternoon or early evening brings a warmer, softer light.
During daylight saving time months, there's less light in the morning and more light in the evening.
Arriving home late in the evening, she has little time for housework or catching up on her reading.
In the evening when she had worked till she was weary she had no bed to go to, but had to sleep by the fireside in the ashes.
During the winter months, there will be a bit more light in the morning, but the sun will set earlier in the evening.
But, as for this shot where harvest happens in the afternoon and evening, you may not have a choice.
Come evening, gather around the fire to dine on enchiladas and watch the play of light and shadow across the canyon.
To complement the evening's topic, one clubber is bringing mead.
Malware was injected into the system the same evening.
So when it's prime crime time in any of those places, it's late morning or early evening in the others.
Late in the evening the other soldiers were put into their box, and the people of the house went to bed.
We will need to shift some solar produced electricity from day to evening hours.
If it made it through the screening, it would be available for broadcast later that evening.
As the afternoon fades into evening, the thunderstorms begin their displays of vivid lighting and heavy rain.
Most restaurants offer diners the experience they desire for the evening.
It only became fully evident quite late that evening.
The heavy pall of smoke from the wildfires is everywhere, making the evening stakeout particularly unpleasant.
We were out the whole evening and got several shots.
He loved radishes so much, he made a point of having them for every evening meal during their season.
He decided to give a ball in her honor, and at some time during the evening of the ball to offer her his heart and hand.
We spread them on the table with our hosts, opened a bottle of crisp white wine, and went to town in the warm evening air.
The brightly decorated nooks work for any kind of dinner, from a group party to an intimate evening for two.
There's silence outside our bungalow, but from time to time the evening wind carries a shout to us.
Triumphantly discarding in an evening game of hearts.
We all say what a lovely evening, do it again soon, blah-blah-blah.
We ate a few after dinner and left maybe two apples for later that evening.
One evening he went for drinks with some graduate students.
Yes, and if he would, that would be the first bit of attention he has given it all evening.
The grand ballroom was a sea of formal evening wear: white ties, tails, and elegant gowns.
Note that the farther west you are, the earlier this happens in the evening.
By then it was evening and on the tree some cats were mewing.
It was a really fun, energizing, and mind-expanding evening.
One evening he showed up at my house and wanted to talk.
After her talk and a late evening of socializing with attendees at the bar, she got on an elevator to go to her room.
The grand hostesses are history, the president would rather be in bed, and there's a price tag on every evening these days.
Then the networks, whose commitment to the evening news is ever less sure.
It was early evening, and bats flitted through floodlights that illuminated a tennis court.
He arrives at the office at seven in the morning and typically doesn't leave until around seven or eight in the evening.
If you're going to be away for the weekend or out in the evening, turn your thermostat down.
They are slow, with steady flight often higher in evening than later night.
My favorite time of the evening is when the indoor and outdoor light match.
The road to that evening was not really smooth, however.
We were high on this idea for the rest of the evening, and the elation continued for days.
He spent the evening having supper in a local taverna.
If the visitor will promise himself not to take this play seriously, he will probably have a rather amusing evening.
If drought and carelessness had spread brush fires across the city, we'd see it on the evening news every night.
The falsely outraged host will reportedly address this slight on his eponymous pretend cable news program later this evening.

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