evenhanded in a sentence

Example sentences for evenhanded

But journalists are apt to be less strident and more evenhanded than many of the people they quote.
It's all conveyed with an evenhanded, often affectionate tone.
Her naive, proudly open-minded and evenhanded listener wants to know why the vehemence, if not murderous venom.
The author does not claim to offer an evenhanded account.
The government insists the current electoral policies are evenhanded.
There was talk in the eighteen-seventies about paying umpires, and whether that would make them less evenhanded.
But it turns out that the universe is not evenhanded.
Much of this excerpt seems to be a work of criticism more than an evenhanded examination of an aspect of science.
But that won't guarantee more evenhanded interpretations.
She is known as an evenhanded administrator and enjoys the respect of her staff.
There have long been concerns that this system fails to provide an evenhanded statewide standard for the punishment of criminals.
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