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One way to keep costs down is through a process called multiple-effect evaporation.
Hurricanes are fueled by the evaporation of warm ocean water.
Replacing trees with shallow-rooted grasses reduces evaporation of transpired water and increases runoff.
It's caused by changes in surface tension due to the differing evaporation rates of alcohol and water.
The longer a whiskey is aged, the more of it is lost to evaporation and the more expensive it is.
The speeds of water molecules determine condensation and evaporation rates.
The rapid evaporation of his political support was not the result of any ideological shift in Italian politics.
In less than half a century, the sea lost 90 percent of its volume and 75 percent of its surface to evaporation.
Higher temperatures mean more evaporation, more intense storms and more rapid snow melt.
Investors are worried about what the evaporation of credit will do to an already-weakened global economy.
They need to keep smaller amounts to top off the barrels as the wine levels drop, from evaporation and sampling.
The plastic mulch is necessary in order to prevent evaporation.
Common salt is obtained from evaporation of spring and sea water, also from mines.
It appears likewise in all wood and combustibles, from which there generally arises exudation and always evaporation.
During that time, the barrels impart color and flavor to the liquid, while absorption and evaporation remove unwanted chemicals.
Any heavy-bottomed pan wider than it is deep, so as to encourage fast evaporation, will do.
The evaporation of personal savings was marveled at by all economists but explained by few.
The reduction of soup stock by evaporation and melting a solid dollop of butter in a skillet are both basic chemical reactions.
As the volume of the drop decreases from evaporation, the contact angle of the edge of the drop also decreases.
Increasing the amount of liquid water in a region increases the amount of evaporation in a region, too.
The first is a planet orbiting a sun close enough to keep water from freezing out, yet far enough away to avoid evaporation.
Evaporation from that rainfall produced the initial pocket of warm air.
In its simplest form, the sun is used to heat a volume of water, which causes evaporation.
These different salinities are brought about by evaporation.
More efficient photosynthesis means less evaporation from croplands.
Evaporation requires heat, and this heat is drawn in from the surrounding environment.
Short rainy seasons demand water storage, ideally in places where evaporation is low.
No-till soils also hold more water, and reduce losses from runoff and evaporation-a real benefit in drought-prone soils.
The oil may be heavier and the temps reduce evaporation, but the gulf spill proved dispersants.
It is recycled endlessly, as rain, snow or evaporation.
There might be more than one reasons for the evaporation of the good feeling for both.
In a real tree, evaporation from the leaves is what pulls water up through the plant--a process known as transpiration.
Evaporative cooling--blowing air across a wet surface to promote evaporation--has long been used in so-called swamp coolers.
Instead, air from the outside flows over foam pads moistened by water sprays to cool by evaporation.
Gasoline vehicles and their distribution system also lose capacity sitting idle, by evaporation and eventually spoilage.
Reverse osmosis involves forcing a solution through a semipermeable membrane using hydraulic pressure or thermal evaporation.
Heat pumps use the condensation-evaporation cycle of a working fluid to move heat from one place to another.
It has high volatility which increases evaporation into the air.
Cover the jug tightly to prevent evaporation and let the liquors steep.
Also, the hurricane would quickly move away from the cooled water or water covered with something to prevent evaporation.
If the precipitation lasts, the air becomes moist enough to block evaporation and the rain or snow reaches the ground.
It features a historical district, a park, a sports field as well as natural wonders including marshes and salt evaporation ponds.
Evaporation is also diminished, given the cold temperatures.
It easily meets the definition of a desert: a place where the annual evaporation is higher than the precipitation.
Evaporation happens when a liquid substance becomes a gas.
Villagers discover that it is easier to store water in ice than in a reservoir, and less is lost to evaporation.
The basin has no outlet, so water escapes only by evaporation.
The slow return of the dunes to their normal brightness strongly suggests evaporation of some liquid, presumably methane.
Yet often evaporation exceeded inflow and the entire area was dry.
The shallow reservoirs could lose water to evaporation and seepage.
Replace your in-ground sprinklers with a drip-irrigation system to avoid losing water to evaporation.
Water will become even more precious-and reservoirs, which lose vast amounts through evaporation, will seem intolerably wasteful.
The successful ones were either filled with water, basically fish tanks, or could reuse their water supply through evaporation.
Some desert vultures urinate on their own legs, cooling them by evaporation.
If water only leaves a lake by evaporation, the lake is closed.
Evaporation is the process of a liquid turning into a gas, or vapor.
Evaporation over many thousands of years has left a thick soup of salts and minerals.
Their study involves the rate of water evaporation from metal pans placed at various land sites around the world.
At the same time, the extra sunlight causes more evaporation off the ocean, which adds to downpours in the western tropics.
Warmer weather means more evaporation on the surface, so more moisture in clouds, and more snowfall.
The answer was sweat, which dissipates heat through evaporation.
Warmer weather means more evaporation, so more moisture in the air.
Primarily by changing the rate of water evaporation.
Miners pump brine from the lakes up into evaporation ponds on the surface.
For example, he neglected the effects of evaporation, which cools the top millimeter of water by half a degree.
In a cool climate our bodies lose the heat produced by exercise through radiation, convection, or evaporation.
It also means more evaporation and more water vapor held by the atmosphere.
In the case of cosmology there is no evaporation point of the same type.
Evaporation cools the skin and thereby reduces body temperature.
All the while you are sweating, fans help cool you because the airflow increases evaporation.
Thus they have little opportunity to develop bottle aromas that need evaporation.
The reason for this is that the body tries to cool itself through evaporation of moisture on the skin.
Transpiration is the process of water evaporation through specialized openings in the leaves, called stomates.
Evaporation vastly outpaces any rainfall, snowmelt or groundwater supply, reducing water volume and raising salinity.
The evaporation rate does not depend on stuff falling in.
Evaporation and runoff of the land would have produced a salt ocean after a few million years.
Winds blowing over the warm surface water encourage even more evaporation.
Water your lawn in the early morning or at night to avoid losses from evaporation and use mulch to trap moisture.
These particles then allowed water molecules to bind together, forming droplets and avoiding re-evaporation.
What is called evaporation leaves an empty six pole or six sided wax structure.
Warmer oceans cause ice ages because as the oceans warm evaporation increases and precipitation increases.
Many features are puzzling to geologists, who argue there may be more than springtime evaporation at work in forming them.
Climate change will also alter the patterns of precipitation and evaporation in ways that are still poorly understood.
In older vehicles, you can prevent evaporation by making sure the cap is tightly secured.
The evaporation and condensation cycle distributes the heat evenly though the substrate.
Evaporation is a natural process for transforming water in liquid form to water vapor in the air.
Students explore how temperature affects the processes of evaporation and condensation.
Some definitions include evaporation from surface-water bodies, even the oceans.
Swimming pools lose energy in a variety of ways, but evaporation is by far the largest source of energy loss.
One of my students did a science fair project on the evaporation of salt water and tap water.
Evaporation is accomplished by removing water from the chemical system.
Does the type of solute effect the rate of evaporation.
Volatility is the property of a liquid fuel that defines its evaporation characteristics.
There is no specific temperature at which the evaporation of water begins or stops.
The purpose of this experiment is to measure how the evaporation of a liquid affects temperature.

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