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Comedians come and comedians go, jokes sizzle and evaporate.
It didn't take long for the settlers' early dreams to evaporate.
All the water will freeze or evaporate and make life impossible.
And they wash out, rub away or plain evaporate after splattering.
Yahoo's stock has had a quick rise, but that will evaporate once the proxy fight starts getting nasty.
Economics is their tincture for nearly every ill: create mini-markets for everything and watch our problems evaporate.
Some distil seawater by heating it up to evaporate part of it.
The raindrops evaporate as they fall, cooling the air, which generates downward air currents.
After a rain, they will eventually evaporate into water vapor.
Of course, when you do this, your warranty will evaporate.
Leave uncovered and allow some of the liquid to evaporate.
If the after-listing market for shares dries up and there is no one to flip to, the primary market may evaporate as well.
They are light and strong and all types of moisture evaporate faster than fast.
Turning off the heat lowers the pressure, causing that liquid to evaporate back into a gas, thereby creating the cooling effect.
The compounds evaporate into the air through a series of chemical processes that result in especially reflective clouds.
Leading diversified laser companies have often seen profits evaporate entirely during downswings in capital spending.
If droplets fall in liquid form they generally evaporate.
The air then falls down the other side of the volcano, and the clouds evaporate.
The cause is wind and winter sun, which evaporate moisture.
Unseasonable dry heat is drying out the top layer of the sludge, leading to fears it could evaporate and form a toxic cloud.
Not until the monotonous seven-hour drive home does my skepticism evaporate.
Your initial strategies may evaporate as you realize that the one card you need isn't available any longer.
Receivables evaporate as clients delay paying bills.
One other thing that kills me, they leave water in the desert in small feed bowls, that will evaporate in the matter.
But many items fetch four figures, so the bankroll can evaporate quickly.
Rain adds up to little more than a half inch annually because it tends to evaporate before it hits the ground.
Their performance evaluations may plummet and their political support evaporate.
They should understand that the salt doesn't evaporate with the water.
In the remake, any narrative tension and horror evaporate from the beginning.
Booms were used to contain the spilled oil until it could evaporate.
The liquid will start to evaporate and the vegetable will become amber colored.
Indeed, any such hole would evaporate so fast that it would not have time to cause trouble.
Add the wine and cook briefly to evaporate some of the alcohol.
Walking away, he seems to evaporate into the crowd, leaving me with a strangely eerie feeling that perhaps he is the real thing.
It is expected to dissipate and evaporate with tides over the next few days, he said.
At their highest speeds they create a wind chill that causes perspiration to evaporate.
When you dont give importance they will evaporate on their own.
Water would evaporate and the salts along with any organic elements would fall back to the ocean.
Piecemeal plans that evaporate once the grant money is spent won't do the job.
Private sector unions have been rapidly disappearing and will evaporate soon enough.
It is that, without a canopy, the music tends to evaporate into the night.
The heat of the explosion will instantly evaporate any water.
Mouthwashes also contain water and alcohol, so they tend to evaporate quickly.
Lots of money is currently being lost and will continue to evaporate if order is not restored.
If it does not, over a decade of nuclear security gains could evaporate.
Unfortunately, if you count in the cost of these wars, quite a bit of the cheapness seems to evaporate.
Those who are practice-ready only in the narrow sense may have an initial advantage, but that will soon evaporate.
In the current economic climate, it's entirely possible for an informal, verbal offer to evaporate.
If the economy stumbles into recession again and profits evaporate, it could be less.
What little significance they once had will evaporate.
Having appeased the critics, they hoped the problem would evaporate.
He seems to be making a point about the extinction of magic in urban settings, but the meanings are so vague that they evaporate.
Heat from solar flares or a rocket engine's exhaust could evaporate the fuel or cause the tanks to expand and even explode.
The modifications to theory which allow them to easily form at low energies also allow them to easily evaporate.
If a reasonable downtown-to-downtown service can be built, air traffic between the two cities will evaporate.
But a strange, wider plume also appeared-one that was caused by heavier hydrocarbons, which evaporate slowly.
As such, these large hydrometeors evaporate more slowly, and thus are not as likely to suck heat from the air.
The sun's heat causes water to evaporate, adding moisture to the air.
Perspiration can evaporate-ie, change from a liquid to a gas-only if energy is applied to it.
Its reasons for doing so are not about to evaporate, with or without a shelf agreement.
Major legislative revisions, which are not impossible, may cause their support to evaporate.
When reason and fact prevail, the support for executions will evaporate.
Average consumers have seen a large part of their wealth evaporate and, quite naturally, are hesitant to make big purchases.
The lighter bits of the dispersed oil may be eaten by bacteria, or will rise to the sea surface, to weather or evaporate.
But many industry observers think the fall in local prices may quickly evaporate.
But the electrolyte can evaporate, causing the muscle to dry out when exposed to the air.
And any objections artists may have to the awards process tend to evaporate should they actually win.
Transpiration-the process by which plants suck up groundwater and evaporate it into the atmosphere-is another and opposite matter.
For one, they do not evaporate, even in high temperatures.
Although comets seem long-lived from a human perspective, on an astronomical time scale, they evaporate quite rapidly.
As these substances evaporate, they release energy to turn turbines.
The pits have been shown to leak into groundwater and also give off chemical emissions as the fluids evaporate.
Although the holes were expected to evaporate quickly, some suggested that they might linger long enough to consume the planet.
The pressure is lowered, so volatile components evaporate.
The vacuum makes the more volatile acetone evaporate, allowing the polymer to replace it.
Any fine droplets produced may evaporate quickly, leaving the bacteria suspended and easily inhaled.
In a related sense, a previous post indicated collecting water run-off that would otherwise evaporate.
So the sun's energy, instead of being used to evaporate water from vegetation, heats plants--and the rest of the planet.
Droplets of sweat seep from our pores, drawing off excess energy as they evaporate.
Its surface is covered with frozen gases that evaporate and form an atmosphere when its orbit approaches the sun.
No one expects insects to evaporate into the ether, of course.
The leading theory is that the planet's once-thick atmosphere began to thin, causing the precious liquid to evaporate into space.
The biggest impacts would have generated enough heat to evaporate the entire ocean, probably several times.
Put some tap water in a small dish and let it evaporate.
Global warming causes more water to evaporate, creating more clouds in mountain forests.
Steam is injected at the base of the still and as it rises, it causes the alcohol to evaporate out of the mash.
Water at a given temperature will evaporate whether there is a hurricane in the vicinity or not.
As rain falls from the cloud into the dry air, the rain drops evaporate before they reach the ground.
Most precipitation reaching the ground simply freezes, and is slow to evaporate due to the frigid temperatures.
The radar is able to pick up the precipitation falling from the cloud but is unable to see it evaporate close to the ground.
Again, if the environmental air is cold, it is difficult to evaporate water in it.
It dissolves easily in water, and some of it will slowly evaporate to the air.
No, water doesn't evaporate from a smaller surface area than a larger one.
Let us suppose you have a solution that is saturated, but you do not pour any more salt into it and set it aside to evaporate.
Water, having the larger vapor pressure will tend to evaporate.
They filled the basins with water from a salt spring and let the water evaporate, leaving a salt residue in the basin.
The objective is to demonstrate that the energy from sunlight can evaporate water.
Regardless of the flow rate, if the air is saturated with water vapor, no more water will evaporate.
The more pure a liquid is, the easier it is to evaporate or boil it.
If you top off your tank, the extra gas may evaporate into your vehicle's vapor collection system.
Spilled liquid freons do not remain at the spill site for more than a few minutes before they evaporate.
Heat is used to evaporate a metal source which then condenses on the cooler wafer surface.
When the air is humid, your sweat does not evaporate as fast, and therefore you feel warmer.
In order to recover the free iodine, you must allow the alcohol to evaporate.
If there have been ammonia vapors around, that can make the acid slower to evaporate away.
The hot, dry air causes any available water to evaporate quickly.
Vapors are the gases that form when chemicals evaporate.
By other hand in hydrates the water molecules are chemically bonded with the crystal molecules and cannot, for example, evaporate.
However, the specific gravity of an oil spill can increase if the lighter substances within the oil evaporate.
It is easier for water to evaporate into dryer air than into more saturated air.
Solvents tend to evaporate easily and dissipate when ventilated.
If the channels were not covered, the water would evaporate quickly when it reached the hot, dry desert land.
Gasoline is composed of a variety of ingredients that evaporate at different temperatures.
Some of the water that does not evaporate sinks into the ground to become ground water.
Then, the winds and the sun's heat cause water to evaporate.
The common belief that glycol ethers never evaporate fast enough to create harmful levels in the air is false.
But on the other hand the melted wax will evaporate more easily.

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