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Example sentences for evangelical

He's a great, almost evangelical figurehead for his company.
It turned out that they were part of an evangelical ministry and that our school was their church.
Evangelical interlopers were scared away by violence, but that is no longer the case.
Here, though, is what happens to evangelical types who try to take global warming seriously.
How tightly their strident anti-statism will connect with evangelical apocalypticism remains to be seen.
But he is evangelical about the directive's purpose.
For all its thunder, the evangelical message encouraged sobriety and industry.
If memory serves, this isn't the first evangelical school that has mistreated you.
Locals often have an almost evangelical interest in explaining the music.
Evangelical intellectuals are trying to revitalize their tradition.
Theologically, the prosperity gospel has always infuriated many mainstream evangelical pastors.
As their flock has grown, evangelical pastors have sought political power, being elected to local and national office.
But the evangelical group spent several weeks debating whether to accept the windfall.

Famous quotes containing the word evangelical

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