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Example sentences for evacuate

Power outages swept the area, and thousands of residents were forced to evacuate.
Even if you have an effective detection system, though, it is useless if you cannot evacuate a threatened area.
Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate the area when the disaster left their homes uninhabitable.
Many were left behind in the rush to evacuate by families who did not expect to be away for more than a short period.
Officials warned residents in some parts of the city to evacuate.
UN helicopters were sent to evacuate terrified aid workers under heavy fire.
Pack a bag with important items in case you need to evacuate.
Even if you evacuate early, you may run into some smoke.
The logic is that people would be able to evacuate before they need more pills.
State officials said it was their responsibility to evacuate patients if necessary.
If there's a huge amount of blood, it may be necessary to try to evacuate the blood.
When the delicate birds died from inhaling poisonous gases, the workers knew to evacuate.
Most floods take hours or even days to develop, giving residents ample time to prepare or evacuate.
If this is recorded then warning systems can sometimes be activated to evacuate people.
The authorities were slow to evacuate people downwind, slow to notify rest of world severity of situation.
There will be a need to evacuate everything in ground-level storeys.
Evacuate your pets and all family members who are not essential to preparing the home.
Which makes me wonder why the city didn't err on the side of safety and evacuate in spite of what the specialists advised.
Last week, the government deployed troops to help evacuate the sightseers.
During the dishwashing cycle, the water will completely evacuate any virucidal residues.
Another instance where the aircraft remained intact and everyone managed to evacuate safely.
Once the wars started it got saddled with even more animals as small local zoos had to evacuate.
Generally, floods take hours or even days to develop, giving residents time to prepare or evacuate.
Government officials announced over the television and radio that everyone had to evacuate.
But apparently there was a reluctance to evacuate without some sort of governmental guidance.
Strong currents and high seas delayed efforts to evacuate.
Crushed under his mobile home, which he had refused to evacuate.
People in low-lying coastal areas were urged to evacuate.
Ha insisted on re-entering the building to tell her employees to evacuate.
My family had to evacuate after spending a week with the car packed and ready to go.
The protective measures are to evacuate, get as far away from the radiation exposure as you can so that your dose is much lower.
Not only the accident was larger, but the government didn't act quickly to evacuate people and take other measures.
Others begged for buses to help evacuate their villages, were told to fend for themselves.
Tens of thousands of local residents were forced from homes, and tens of thousands more were urged to evacuate more distant areas.
It is possible that other areas will not be required to evacuate at all.
Pay attention to local emergency management and public safety officials and evacuate when asked.
If you're specifically told to evacuate or seek medical treatment, do so immediately.
On the other hand, if there is significant damage it is best to evacuate.
Be prepared to turn off electrical power when there is standing water, fallen power lines, or before you evacuate.
Turn off gas and water supplies before you evacuate.
Many tools exist to help families decide what to carry with them when they evacuate during an emergency.
If you are asked to evacuate, you should do so without delay.
Plan how you will leave and where you will go if you are advised to evacuate.
If you are not able to evacuate, stay indoors away from all windows.
The two primary protective actions are to shelter-in-place or evacuate.
Officials will tell you when to evacuate and what routes are open.
If you are unable to evacuate, go to your safe room.
City officials will tell you when to evacuate through the media and direct warnings.
Delay or refusal to evacuate can jeopardize your safety, the safety of emergency responders, and hinder rescue efforts.
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