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Example sentences for euphoria

The extreme euphoria induced by the drug has a reinforcing effect on users, addiction experts say.
Suddenly, anxiety gave way to optimism and euphoria.
In the meantime, the best thing to do to get over rejection malaise is to crowd it out with some acceptance euphoria.
Beware of this false euphoria.
The victories have wrapped much of the south in a shroud of euphoria.
After two days of euphoria over receiving an offer, I'm starting to fret about negotiations.
Its apparent that the euphoria of the war victory has worn out.
The euphoria was brief.
Your palms go sweaty and soon the euphoria from the quick media fix wears away.
People who have the disorder often cycle from euphoria to deep depression.
History is especially valuable as the antidote to blind euphoria and unreasoning fear.
Methamphetamine is used as a stimulant to increase the physical activity and also illegally used for euphoria and elation.
Knowing that such euphoria could be financially perilous, an individual might be able to put the brakes on his or her spending.
In case these come back after the initial euphoria settles down, they find someone else in place of their loved one.
Along with the feelings of peace and euphoria, there is a general impression of a clear and golden shimmering light.
The discovery set off a wave of euphoria, with many people convinced that cystic fibrosis would soon be cured.
In those it infects, the virus causes an intense euphoria and a desire to do good.
The euphoria of victory lasted for years, and not without cause.
And unlike bipolar disorder, which brings periods of euphoria, it appears to have no discernible upside.
It's that rapid cycling of euphoria and deprivation that makes cocaine dangerous.
There are no funds, but the euphoria around the subject is unbelievable.
For mixed in with the euphoria were bitterness and disappointment.
It's a burst of euphoria that you wish would never stop.
Any trader in the world could have done that, though precious few ignored the euphoria to actually do so.
When traders are on a winning streak, their testosterone levels surge, sparking such euphoria that they underestimate risk.
In the euphoria of the bubble, builders and developers showed little interest in the idea.
The early euphoria could rapidly fizzle into surly disappointment.
The euphoria of the electorate is contagious, but in one sense the vote is the easiest part of the process of statehood.
Heartbreak, euphoria and a three-week-long logistical nightmare.
Its high is complicated: there is euphoria, certainly, and an amphetamine kick.
There came a burst of euphoria when the reactionaries' coup failed.

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