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Example sentences for euphemism

That sounds like a euphemism for something, although I'm not sure what.
It sounds to me like it could be a euphemism for damaged .
Australian euphemisms deserve to be investigated.
Risk management became a euphemism for continued justification of unsound practices.
At first I thought this was a clever euphemism for declaring bankruptcy.
The euphemism now lies buried beneath the rubble of reality.
Nothing fails so miserably as a failed euphemism-though there have been plenty of successes.
There was just euphemism after euphemism in that last paragraph.
Sometimes jocular or ironic, this use is also a rather poignant euphemism for puzzled elders.
Patrimonial capitalism's legacy is that many people see reform as a euphemism for corruption and self-dealing.
Mostly, labor-market reform--which is another euphemism.
Moreover, the firm says it is not trying to take out costs-a euphemism for closing factories and slashing jobs.
Unless this word is part of a proper name, avoid using it when possible, especially as a bureaucratic euphemism for building.
Potentially misleading euphemism that means both watchful, responsible care and an inadvertent omission or error.
Sometimes, a phrase such as collateral damage is a euphemism to gloss over reality or hide the truth or information.
For a time, he had a magician make money under a funny euphemism no one could pronounce.
Thus political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness.

Famous quotes containing the word euphemism

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