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Example sentences for eugenics

The topic of the day was eugenics.
He did all this in the name of his brainchild, eugenics.
For instance, eugenics was once all the rage among scientists.
The two friends certainly did share a strong interest in eugenics.
Critics are raising the eugenics card, and advocates of the disabledare skeptical at the very least.
The exhibit tells of a eugenics movement that sought to apply principles from Darwin and animal husbandry to humans.
They were also philosophic soul mates, both interested in eugenics and the perfection of the species.
This is a case study in eugenics.
In the last century, eugenics was about the exercise of power and ideology.
Without her lunatic eugenics, the show would leave virtually no impression at all.
Where pro-choice supporters see a lack of reproductive health care services, pro-life supporters see eugenics.
The rebuttal also includes a disillusionment of eugenics programs and the correlations are credible and logically sound.
If you follow that line of logic, you can say our society practice eugenics today.
Other ethicists worry that fears of eugenics will be raised if testing can be done for less-serious conditions.
The connection that critics make between medical genetics and eugenics is historically fallacious.
It should be remembered that eugenics came in many sizes and shapes.
It truly is the foundation of eugenics and as such has no place in the place of where real life occurs, the home and family.
And given the history of eugenics this has been a good and rational position and policy.
Some of us are in this to make sure the epidemic portion of autism ends in our lifetime without practicing eugenics.
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