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Yet blacks have a long history of manners, etiquette, dressing well.
She educates her customers about traditional sushi etiquette, using clever comparisons to southern manners.
Etiquette must, if it is to be of more than trifling use, include ethics as well as manners.
Appropriate social behavior was highly prized, and rules for behavior were written about extensively in etiquette books.
Ample attention is given to the etiquette of play dates and sundry mysteries of the preschool universe.
Business etiquette and common sense seem to go hand-in-hand.
People should adopt good etiquette rather than having it forced on them.
She writes about cocktails, etiquette and how to organize truly wonderful dinner parties.
Granted, teenage manners rarely offer a model of etiquette.
Clearly, what is needed is a list of rules of etiquette.
Every page brims with etiquette tips, expressed by small-sized figures drawn in Aliki's customarily cheery style.
Cell-phone use in the air will keep etiquette columnists employed for years to come.
There is a genuineness to the inner ramblings of characters who worry about the servants and the wine and shooting etiquette.
The books discuss topics such as how people greet each other, customs used at the dinner table, and business etiquette.
Hierarchical in all things, hyena etiquette usually requires the submissive animal to initiate the greeting.
His sins are usually only offenses to the gods of etiquette-and they are almost always entertaining.
From a detail of political etiquette, he could infer the incipient mentality of the totalitarian.
It made me wonder if perhaps there was room for a short handbook of cancer etiquette.
Not only outsiders but often confirmed believers are appallingly ignorant of church etiquette.
Etiquette dictates that you wear formal clothes in the presence of the national flag.
Or why my personal etiquette often seems makeshift and contradictory, even clinically insane.
Funeral etiquette has almost expired in this anything-goes age.
In the etiquette of cinema, this is called rude editing.
In the years since the practice started, a complex octopus etiquette has grown up.
The etiquette is that candidates should deny any interest in the top job until they are made an offer.
But foreigners will be forgiven for clumsy dining etiquette and offered a knife and fork if their chopstick prowess is lacking.
Before appearing in court, it is important to understand something of the etiquette required in court.
Some safety and etiquette tips for cross-country skiers.
Here are some tips on good etiquette to remember while chatting.
These eleven steps of disAbility etiquette are positive steps to influence your own way of thinking and communication skills.

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