ethyl in a sentence

Example sentences for ethyl

That's what alcohol- ethyl alcohol- does in the phenomenon termed drunkenness.
High octane gasoline as well as ethyl alcohol fuel blends typically stay in the same price range, while alcohol has been cheaper.
Using corn or sugar cane as feedstock for ethanol plants is not the only way to produce ethyl alcohol.
The hydrogen is then used to convert ethyl acetate into ethanol.
The ethyl groups replace oxygen in the silicate ion chains, creating a solid but crumbly silicone polymer.
Cars were originally manufactured to run either on gasoline or ethyl alcohol.

Famous quotes containing the word ethyl

Ride like fury. If you run out of gas, get ethyl. If Ethyl runs out, get Mabel!... more
The man whose heart is as warm as a hanky soaked in ethyl chloride.... more
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