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But the phenomenon is anything but ethereal.
Margaret was small, fair and ethereal.
Others find it angelic, heavenly, ethereal.
Mozart's wit was not always ethereal.
The setting sun sheds an ethereal light on the scene of temples, pavilions, and terraces.
Hill remains an ethereal presence, heard but rarely seen.
The ethereal city of water and stone rises like a dream from the waters of the lagoon.
Check out the ethereal glow the phone emits.
His works are also rather ethereal in a way.
He produced some majestic and ethereal imagery.
In that moment, the gas surrounding the subject is ionized, leaving behind ethereal coronas.
The contrast makes it: a relentlessly gritty film with this ethereal music on top of it.
The chances are that much of business and everyday computing will one day be mediated by this ethereal cloud.
Rather it is exquisite, ethereal in its handling of colour and form.
In the book you convey this somewhat ethereal thing about her.
On another there's an ethereal procession of dancers dressed as parti-colored birds.
It offers something more ethereal: a feeling of healthy chic that pervades its stores and products and rubs off on customers.
It's one of those times when a movement that seemed ethereal and idealistic became a reality and took on political substance.
He later introduced more jazzy, ethereal elements into his music.
They appear timeless whether it's her enchanting cottages, her ethereal landscapes or her heartfelt images of children.

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Mozart has the classic purity of light and the blue ocean; Beethoven the romantic grandeur which belongs to the storms o... more
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