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For example, he alluded at one point to a desire to allow more imports of sugar ethanol.
One such alternative is ethanol, which is domestically generated and sustainable.
Algae and other cellulosic ethanol sources aren't food crops.
The distilled variety is made from industrial vats of pure ethanol.
He knows the visit will be a stretch: he opposes ethanol subsidies.
Growing corn for ethanol may increase greenhouse gases for over a century.
The vast majority of yellow dent corn is used as livestock feed and production of ethanol.
Brewing and ethanol industry scientists have been developing highly flocculating yeast stains for many years.
But ethanol is heavily subsidized by the government.
Ethanol, which is alcohol made from corn, can help reduce pollution.
Ethanol increases global warming, destroys forests and inflates food prices.
And then there's ethanol, the production of which sucks up grain and cropland that could be used for food.
One startup is scaling up experimental techniques to demonstrate the commercial potential of cellulosic ethanol.
Ethanol from corn consumes three times more water than previously thought.
Ethanol offers a renewable supply of auto fuel, and it can also reduce pollution.
The new technology could speed up the development of butanol biofuels into a cost-effective alternative to ethanol.
The amount of ethanol that can be produced from these sources, particularly corn, is constrained by the need for farmland.
Butanol-a promising next-generation biofuel-packs more energy than ethanol and can be shipped via oil pipelines.
Corn-ethanol plants are being shut down and some sold in bankruptcy proceedings for a fraction of their value.
The first commercial cellulosic ethanol plants could also start operation this year.
Only use ethanol in cities that need to lower pollution.
The other thing to watch are the methanol and ethanol fuel cells.
There are similar problems with flex-fuel vehicles that can burn either gas or ethanol.
They include an onboard gas- or ethanol-powered generator to recharge the battery during driving.
It wouldn't matter what the source of energy was to distill ethanol, it would still require the same amount of energy.
If anything, renewable energy would add to ethanol's costs.
But an overwhelming majority of ethanol mixed into gasoline today comes from corn.
In particular, many investors placed their hopes in cellulosic ethanol.
But a past study on animals did find that ethanol protected against nerve damage.
The water ethanol mixtures didn't have much of an effect, but the drinks did induce superconductivity-red wine best of all.
Before compact fluorescent light bulbs and ethanol, the first line of defense against global warming was planting trees.
They then heated the material in water with microwaves, cooled it back down and washed it with ethanol.
Ethanol uses far more coal to produce than the light these mines would require.
With regards to ethanol as a fuel source, it isn't as energy dense as gasoline or diesel.
The hype and promotion of corn-based ethanol is a barrier to developing other renewable fuel resources.
Windmills and solar panels are tomorrow's government boondoggle same as ethanol.
Also by the production of ethanol is using a lot of the food sources.
Ethanol poisoning is caused by drinking too much alcohol.
If cellulosic ethanol ever becomes commercially viable, these kinds of issues will be studied.
The ethanol boom has created a sharp new demand for corn.
The addition will make ethanol from corn cobs instead of corn kernels.
The ethanol projects are a scam to funnel money to agribusinesses.
To the extent this is thought to have happened so far, it has been in the limited context of ethanol made from maize.
One goal of synthetic biology is to make what is known as cellulosic ethanol.
All plants contain sugars, and these sugars can be fermented to make ethanol in a process called biochemical conversion.
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