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In ancient times, gold symbolized eternity and was thought to preserve the remains of the dead forever.
Some were preserved so that the deceased would have companionship in eternity.
But bear with it, and-bam-sudden vistas of meadows and fog-shrouded ocean stretch into eternity.
The director said he figured a priest wouldn't mind spending eternity in a casket used for such a charitable reason.
It is a life filled with time for matters of the spirit, when the mind turns to thoughts of eternity.
The movie has long since gone bad, and half an hour has dragged into an eternity.
But this is as illusory as any past empire imagining that it could cheat eternity.
We would be here discussing it for long past eternity and then some.
Unfortunately, in large doses, inhaling the gas is a one-way ticket to eternity.
The genome is their home, and they want nothing more than to persist for eternity.
But the idea didn't then disappear for eternity into the unattended abyss of the municipal suggestion box.
Yes, the life expectancy of everyone approaches zero, in consideration of eternity.
It's going to be five-oh-two in the afternoon for all eternity.
She hoped that she could feel the winds of her homeland around her grave for eternity.
It all goes into a landfill where it will be encased in clay lined holes for all eternity.
Expect to wait an eternity if you want to pull out onto the road.
My eyes coming up in a second of eternity to meet the scaly monster.
Wired takes no responsibility for parallel universes in which you find yourself trapped for eternity.
Her infectious smile is emblazoned on our hearts for eternity.
His memory will live on for eternity in the endeavors of his students.
But vampires aren't the only supernatural beings who contend with an eternity of sartorial choices.
Libyans have lived across the waters since eternity.
If built properly, a rock wall will last nearly an eternity.
After what seemed an eternity but was actually only a few minutes, the steam dissipated.
We retreated in solemnity, lest it stir and the curse of incivility and unreason be upon us for eternity.
The forecast is always extreme turbulence, followed by an eternity of righteousness.
It enables me to capture that rare photo opportunity that would be lost to eternity.
See them as written in stone, and following you throughout career eternity.
Memory is the only form of eternity that humans can grant each other.
The skull, staring upward at eternity, seemed frozen in a silent scream.
He arrived at a great old age, though always sighing after the joys of eternity.
For the rest of eternity, it will sit inertly, slowly fading to blackness.
Live organism can breed and mutate for eternity, so can cause more mischief than conventional technology.
However, in either aspect, our tiny minds will never be able to wrap around the idea of infinity and eternity.
According to the alarmists, they should be nuclear deserts for eternity.
For he does his work alone and if he is a good enough writer he must face eternity, or the lack of it, each day.
Joe might have been an exaggerated case, but there is an element of eternity about his feelings.
For hundreds of years, the memorial industry only had to keep one time: almost eternity.
Yet when you have a time frame that ends in eternity, things in this life lose some of their importance.
One argument for the eternity of the soul is that life in a body is even harder to explain than life outside of one.
She turns, as she has turned all these years over and over again in the vibrant eternity of my memory.
We are not this story's author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose.
Walking among the backpacks, you may recall the eternity that an autumn day could once contain.
Deserts of vast eternity, reduced to three inches by two.
In this media-addled age, that is practically an eternity.
If it could happen once, it could-and indeed should-happen again and again for eternity.
Some argue that if you make a fool of yourself in a comment, your comment is preserved for eternity.
There is a one to one relationship between a single step and an infinite distance, and between a second and eternity.
On such a public forum as a blog your less-than-smart comment is not only widely available, it is preserved for eternity.
And don't go beyond your sphere of expertise to pontificate on what others may believe about life and eternity.
For the famously prolific songwriter, that's practically an eternity.
Some places are so beautiful that they haunt the viewer for all eternity.
Its unblinking yellow eyes are fixed for eternity on its tail.
Elvis left the building a long time ago, but you're welcome to stay for an eternity.
People don't get, even when they acquire power and extraordinary wealth that they are not even a flash in the pan in eternity.
But tell that to a lonely soul, facing an eternity of dreary day after dreary day.
Ideally, a historian should write with his eye set on eternity.
The three year difference is an eternity in the history of personal computers.
The poet vows to step out of daily life and henceforth dedicate himself to eternity.
The building of the police memorial will provide families a place to see their loved ones memorialized for eternity.
Not only are they newly abundant as hens move into the spring laying season but their perfect shape symbolizes eternity.
In her use of watercolors, she strives to create a moment frozen in eternity.

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