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In the eternally dark depths, these creatures have evolved strange adaptations.
Nevertheless, the rest of the nation is eternally grateful for the graphic and painful example you are now setting.
Matter per se did not exist, eternally or otherwise.
Raise those rates and those who think that they can eternally live off rising home prices are in for quite a shocker.
They should join whichever church they want and they will be eternally happier because of it.
The food is fairly priced for such an eternally busy place, costing the same at noon as it does at midnight.
May they eternally broil, by way of a warning to others.
Either an action is eternally meaningful or it is meaningless.
Astronomers at the time believed the universe was eternally static and unchanging.
One side would eternally sizzle while the other knew perpetual night.
We all know couples who shouldn't be together but stay together anyway-excruciatingly, eternally, disastrously.
The rapper epitomizes the eternally unruffled hustler who doesn't have to sweat to get what he wants, whenever he wants.
But with the latter, finality can be eternally elusive.
But if it ever became a reality, human beings could live longer, perhaps eternally.
It's something that eternally worries me, but at the same time you have to suppress those thoughts.
May he for ten thousand years eternally treasure and use it trans.
Nature is eternal, but eternally in a state of transformation.
We are eternally grateful for the priceless privilege of living in this great land.
Freeing people from oppression and despair is eternally right.

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