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Character, revealed through action: the two eternal elements of narrative.
Design is moving centre-stage in the eternal human quest to make beauty out of necessity.
But the seaside abides, representing the eternal escape.
The eternal golden braid emerges as a strange loop.
We invite you to respell the name of your favorite cable network to win the eternal admiration of your fellow readers.
The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.
Some of these are the eternal dilemmas that central bankers are doomed to relive time and again.
If that's the stick then the carrot is the reward of eternal bliss in exchange for absolute obedience.
Loyalists' devotion to their machine is almost eternal in computer years.
It's interesting to me what gets blamed in the eternal outcry about how students don't study enough.
Their guts might tell them this conflict will go on forever, that they are eternal enemies.
But a clipping recently landed on my desk that reminded me that vigilance, eternal it would seem, is indeed the price of liberty.
Eternal vigilance is required to nip these encroachments in the bud.
He says he views cloning as a step toward reaching eternal life.
Something that is eternal by definition has no beginning.
They have no knowledge of time except the eternal now.
It will take some sort of huge scientific discovery or some great revealing of a truth to reconcile this eternal debate.
To her these overshadowing eternal themes left no room for lesser ones.
The idea reflects an eternal dilemma for governments everywhere.
To deter such a resourceful animal requires eternal vigilance.
People have been trying to eat their way to eternal life for millennia.
For those who do not comply there is the promise of eternal suffering.
In fact the nature of the genre seems to be as eternal as the city itself.
The universe may be eternal without beginning or end.
And his eternal and omnipotent nature would suggest that he is capable of creating life anywhere and in many ways.
Not surprisingly, the area's eternal fair weather encourages outdoor food encounters framed by breathtaking views.
Then he said that he didn't want an eternal life, if there was one.
It is patently untrue what you are saying about eternal hatred.
And so on in an eternal monotone that seemed to both of them infinitely charming, infinitely new.
Eternal inflation, therefore, neatly disposes of the anthropic problem.
The other eternal truth is that money can mitigate any problem, and its lack in old age is a real tragedy.
But going to a rave could imperil your eternal life.
These guys start with a different model of the universe called eternal inflation.
Yet his pride would not let him stop there: he would erect metaphysical castles to satisfy his craving for eternal being.
And for the eternal rebel, that's a tough thing to do.
Summers, to his eternal credit, was one of the first mainstream economists to understand what was happening.
But there's another possible response, which is to appeal to eternal inflation.
Descend through this twilight zone another thousand feet and it is eternal night.
These collisions might happen repeatedly, creating an eternal, cyclic universe.
Eternal inflation seems to still fit the bill perfectly in naturalness.
If eternal inflation happened, there should have been bubble collisions.
Antimatter was simply seen as exotic stuff in an eternal cosmos.
Differences once non-existent can quickly harden and seem eternal and inflexible.
What he created is perfect and eternal, so there is nothing to judge.
Most cosmologists and astronomers believe the universe wasn't eternal, but had a beginning.
But there's no guarantee that dark energy will serve up the eternal verities the high priests are hoping for.
Journey toward the ocean floor, where eternal darkness prevails.
It's also an eternal testament to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of a wealthy empire.
And then he burst into laughter, as only somebody who isn't particularly concerned with the prospect of eternal damnation could.
We were received into the elements of the eternal pearl as water takes light to itself, with no change in its substance.
She comes nightly in her flowing, white wedding gown to seek her lover, lost and buried beneath the eternal dunes.
With technology, as in the rest of life, eternal verities have a funny way of turning out not to be so eternal after all.
The people who run pro football are eternal optimists.
One new interesting wrinkle in this eternal debate over crime and punishment is, not surprisingly, a financial one.
Wages for the rich and poorer aren't in some sort of eternal tug-of-war.

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