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Floodlights, piercing the darkness, etch familiar landmarks in silver against a velvet sky.
If the presence of oxygen is enabling this effect, maybe different etch rates may be obtainable with different atmospheres.
Tiny diamonds etch its design--olive branches with leaves--and, perched symmetrically upon them, eight doves.
Here skaters with a wide range of skills etch their blades into smooth, machine-made ice.
Her face was smooth and unscarred, but the fine lines of care were beginning to etch the limpid ivory of her complexion.
When he awoke, the feat seemed feasible, if he could employ the technology used to etch microchips.
If it is not sufficiently heated that acid can etch the bearings.
Braided dried rivulets etch white patterns over the surface as well.
It can etch silicon more slowly and more smoothly than other solvents used thus far.
The answer the firm has come up with is to etch layers of tiny channels between the slivers of silicon that carry the components.
Instead of using light to etch a transistor circuit on a wafer of silicon, they propose to fabricate tiny wires.
After fierce criticism, they're now going to etch off the truncated version and put the whole thing on, in smaller letters.
One promising approach is to etch qubits in semiconductors.
First they etch a series of ridges and troughs, called a grating.
The team first used photolithography to etch a template of interconnected veins, arteries and capillaries onto the wafer.
To reduce this effect, cell makers apply antireflective coatings or etch the cell's surface to increase photon absorption.
Next, they etch away the silicon not covered by the masks.
Electrochemically grow the anodized membrane, switch electrolyte and poles to grow silver, etch a tad to remove surface connects.
Mechanical ruling, a process that can take weeks, uses a diamond-tipped tool to etch each line.
The physicists were hoping to find better ways to etch circuit patterns onto computer chips.
Positioning the falling blocks takes up visuospatial processing power needed to etch flashback images in memory.

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