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No one will fault you for wearing a jacket and tie, etc.
Can't wait for a time when there is no more sickness and no need of doctors and health care insurance, etc.
But if it were opened up to include living persons, etc.
To protect hands around camp when cutting firewood, etc.
It's basically a vest that's supposed to make you feel all the punches, kicks, etc while playing video games.
He does great work, and has columns in a couple of newspapers and has done several magazines, etc.
Use pervious concrete or other permeable hardscape for driveways, paths, etc.
It s critical thinking that begins with the null hypothesis, etc.
Not everyone can be a filmmaker, doctor, mathematician etc.
The business' address is shared with quite a few companies, offshore betting sites, etc.
But, there are other positions in student affairs, etc.
These gadgets are not good for reading, writing, surfing etc.
Small fast war bands might have an advantage similar to a charge in cavalry, by attacking from the rear, etc.
If the strychnine bait is applied as directed then there is no danger of polluting groundwater, etc.
Was on anti's, therapy, etc with slow but positive results.
It is important for students to get experience learning to play an instrument, or acting in a school play, etc.
Maybe come in every three weeks for an extra day for appointments, etc.
The material needs to be reduced to a specific size, dried, etc probably.
IE back then many musicians became unemployed or lost jobs etc because of the recording technology.
We always listen to others' tales of their experiences and ask them to give us the sense, the flavor, the gist etc of them.
After a long conference on the estimate costs, etc the architect asked him what kind of sound he wanted.
While obviously true that there were bison etc before, you jump to too many snarky conclusions.
In the same manner that headlamp bulbs, etc used to be standardized.
The ability to download or email articles, photos etc with the click of a button.

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