estrangement in a sentence

Example sentences for estrangement

It could be called encampment, or maybe estrangement.
But his estrangement from the drafting table didn't last long.
Then they talked for hours, crying over their estrangement.
Above all, it shows how the photographer projected her inner torment and sense of estrangement onto her unsuspecting sitters.
The estrangement has involved widely differing views of the political and military situation.
From there the brothers took differing paths that would culminate in their estrangement.
These lines are redolent with depression and the sense of estrangement from humanity which depression fosters.
Marital estrangement is measured not in agony-and-ecstasy emotions, but in prosaic daily deprivations.
The isolation imposed by island living is mirrored in the couple's welling estrangement.
As a result it often happens long term personal and family estrangement occurs.
As a result, our estrangement from nature is reduced and a special place is made from a space.

Famous quotes containing the word estrangement

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