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Example sentences for estimation

The name of the game is estimation and wishful thinking.
Those who, in his estimation, are lacking brains do not meet with his favor.
In my estimation, she had close to no chance of ever landing an academic job.
So, that is way larger than the estimation from the building.
He searched for a country even more absurd in his estimation.
In my estimation the resulting film did not justify the time and money that had been spent.
Only a few candidates have slid downwards so quickly in popular estimation.
It would have been great had the writer had added a line how the estimation was done.
In the estimation of many, yes, it usually seems to be more than adequate qualifications.
It's an alternative estimation of national output which in theory is equivalent to the spending-side measure.
Ever since he took that step, he has gone up in my estimation.
Making prediction using exponential calculation is no better than ball-park estimation.
He is wrong about one thing, though, in my estimation.
In their own estimation they were aliens in the country which had given them birth.
The virtue of temperance is held in higher estimation.
It occurs to me that humans are conceited in their estimation of their intelligence.
Many of the bones vary too much from one individual to another to use for such estimation.
In theory, this would allow accurate estimation of distance using only its observed peak luminosity.
Statistical estimation constantly intrudes itself into domains in which all outcomes cannot be known.
Anyway, our estimation is considered to be minimal values.
Critical estimation of his operas is almost on a par with the popularity he enjoys with the public.
It is an estimation that takes into account what must be one of the silliest and clumsiest beginnings that ever a musical has had.
In my estimation they move all lot of people every day, every efficiently.
Or if you prefer, you can also believe the world is still flat in your estimation.
The age estimation method is novel, purposefully developed.
In my estimation there's some good and some bad in it.
By her own estimation, her success at this has been mixed.
If you have and still agreed to go on, my estimation of your intelligence has slid a few points.
Statistics were derived by a multistage estimation procedure.
Risk estimation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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