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Before forensics, the standard process of authentication involved establishing provenance.
He had a degree in mining from a polytechnic school and the goal of establishing a professional career.
Then ask them if they think wildlife can be protected from pollution by establishing protective borders and boundaries.
The discussions should eventually focus on the groups' reasons establishing their agricultural and urban boundaries.
They may be establishing breeding hierarchies for the coming mating season.
Establishing stations was done quietly, by word-of-mouth.
Minuit was active in establishing friendly relations with the savages.
We identify emerging areas of research and support them by establishing journals.
They are re-establishing the normalcy of a longstanding free-speech right.
Yet they are in charge of the reform, both establishing national universities and accrediting all universities.
After all it is an apparently age-old method of establishing status.
Listeria bacteria, it turns out, have a remarkable mechanism for establishing infection.
But establishing a new account to create another predatory character is simple enough.
Its not so much about working out more and eating less, its about establishing a routine and eating at appropriate times.
Perry proposes establishing a hierarchy of the things you have to do.
Establishing a foundation of agreed upon definitions is a rudimentary beginning point in any scientific pursuit.
The scientific method is a tool, nothing more, for establishing the reliability of our beliefs.
It is a way of establishing yourself within your social hierarchy that causes this sort of behaviour.
The challenge lies in establishing the right partnerships.
Diversify your risk when establishing manufacturing, raw materials sourcing, and transportation strategies.
It will put a small amount of money into establishing renewable-energy programs in developing countries.
By establishing think tanks, conservatism could acquire the same sheen of detachment.
Establishing responsibility for the preservation of digital data must be seen as a priority.
The model is not inherently flawed, but it is only a part of the answer to establishing a sustainable economy.
The two sides have made great strides in establishing confidence-building measures, such as cricket matches.
They need to get inside poor people's heads to develop new markets, shaping people's tastes and establishing habits.
It already looks as if establishing the no-fly zone was the easy part.
Serotonin is one of the brain's messenger molecules, and is particularly involved in establishing mood.
Admittedly, venture capital is lagging behind other sorts of finance in establishing a presence in emerging markets.
Besides, there is more to establishing a solid risk culture than empowering risk officers.
Those invaders get winnowed by natural selection, and only a few succeed in establishing themselves as human diseases.
Newspapers and magazines are responsible for establishing procedures for fact-checking, which staff members must then follow.
Establishing a causal relationship and being able to quantify it down to the last decimal point are quite different things.
Establishment is also the act of establishing an establishment.
It was certainly tremendously important in establishing the use of brand of the network.
T-shirts are an important currency for establishing street credibility and cementing the social order.
Establishing incentives to encourage nations to report flu outbreaks quickly and fully.
That's a serious gamble for a chain that's spent four decades and billions of dollars establishing a highly recognized brand.
By the way, this is my second attempt at establishing a general principle of argumentation and naming it after myself.
For many beginners, establishing an exercise routine can be a daunting, intimidating and even emotional experience.
And if it did, odds are that it would not be in favor of establishing such a right.
Still, establishing a mind-body-nature connection is no easy feat.
There have been instances in the past of the groups' establishing joint operational cells.

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